Pigs fed on bodybuilder steroids cause food poisoning in Shanghai

  1. Pigs fed on bodybuilder steroids cause food poisoning in Shanghai

    Pigs fed on bodybuilder steroids cause food poisoning in Shanghai

    "Over 330 Shanghai residents have been poisoned by pork tainted with a weight-loss steroid popular among bodybuilders.

    Clenbuterol, a product normally marketed to fitness fanatics, was used by farmers in east China to produce leaner pork meat, the China Daily reported.

    As a result, a total of 336 people have been poisoned in Shanghai since September 13, in the city's largest clenbuterol poisoning case, the paper said.

    The chemical can reportedly cause damage to the human nervous and cardiovascular system. However, all those affected in Shanghai have been released from hospital, the paper said.

    Most of the pigs have been traced to neighboring Zhejiang where rearing pigs on clenbuterol, known locally as "lean meat powder", is widespread, the paper said.

    The government banned the use of the chemical in the 1990s, it added.

    The incident has exposed many loopholes in China's food safety inspection system, the paper said.

    "Many people are still using 'lean meat powder'," the local Oriental Morning Post quoted a Zhejiang farmer as saying.

    "I've raised pigs for 10 years and almost all of them have been fed it."

    According to the report, many farmers stop feeding the pigs with the drug several weeks before they are slaughtered, making detection difficult for food inspectors.

    Shanghai officials downplayed the scare, saying it is unlikely that more contaminated pigs are in city markets, the China Daily said.

    Clenbuterol is a medication that has been used to treat bronchial diseases such as asthma, but is largely used by bodybuilders or as a weight-loss supplement for the overweight.

    It is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which oversees doping in sports. "


  2. I sure hope nobody eats me then. I'd feel bad if someone were to get food poisoning from my carcass....

  3. The ancient Chinese secret of Lean Meat Powder has been revealed to the West! This is sacriledge.

    You know they killed Bruce Lee for the same sort of thing!


  4. lol. interesting. I was thinking it was going to be dbol pigs

  5. I've read toxicity reports of this nature before. I think western europe banned clen from animal feeds because of the same kinda deal.

    "I ate a pork chop then started to get all jittery."

    That would be distressing if you didn't know what was causing it.

  6. Wait a min here guys, just how much were they giving to these pigs? Clen doesn't stay in your system that long so the dosage would have to be recent. If you have a 400b hog that has maybe 200mcg in it if they gave it to them right before slaughter, even if one assumes that it concentrates in the muscle that would still be only around 1.33mcg per pound. Clen is strong but not that damn strong. Something stinks here other then the hogs.

  7. How odd.

  8. Actually, humans react differently to clen than other animals. They can tolerate much higher dosing.

    And clen is persistent in edible pig tissue much longer than a human--check this out:

    Determination of Clenbuterol in Pig Liver Following
    Prolonged Administration of a Growth-Promoting Dose

    80-100kg pigs

    The pigs were given 5
    mg clenbuterol/kg body mass as an intravenous injec-
    tion into the ear vein twice a day for 21 days.

    Liver concentrations of clenbuterol, a b
    -adrenergic agonist, were measured by en-
    zyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in 12 female pigs on days 0, 7, 14 and 21 after
    prolonged administration of a growth-promoting dose of clenbuterol. The analytical pro-
    cedure showed good recovery (>80 %), while intra-assay results showed acceptable varia-
    tion in individual measurements for all samples to which 0.5, 2 or 5 ng/g clenbuterol were
    added (RSD <10 %). The assay detection limit was 0.13 ng/g and quantification limit 0.16
    ng/g. The results indicated that >80 % clenbuterol depletion in pig liver occurred during
    the first 7 days after cessation of administration, however, more than 14 days were re-
    quired for the clenbuterol concentration to fall below the maximal residual level of 0.5
    ng/g. On day 21 of clenbuterol discontinuation, residues of the drug were detectable in
    pig liver (0.22 ng/g), suggesting that clenbuterol residues persist in liver as an edible tis-
    sue and may induce a risk for consumer health.


    A recent test by the city Animal Health Department of pork from neighboring provinces revealed that almost a third of the samples had clenbuterol residues ranging from 0.49 to 2.15 milligram per kilo, Truong Thi Kim Chau, the department vice director, said.

  9. This is no surprise...there are loads of papers documenting this and this is why it is banned for use with livestock.

    What is ass backwards is that this is not a body building steroid (for one) - and farmers didn't learn about this from body builders.....vets have been using it for years.



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