Americans Getting Too Fat For X-Rays

  1. A good reason for them to lose some weight then.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote
    A good reason for them to lose some weight then.
    Na, they'll just make bigger and more powerful XRay machines.

  3. On the plus side the rotund among us are now so large an atomic bomb set off in any major city is likely to have its force and radiation absorbed by the clientel of the local McDonalds. Makes clean up easier, lowers the possible threat. Terrorists, realizing this, are going to start targetting our high fructose corn syrup and fast food industries.

  4. lmao CDB

  5. a truly pathetic commentary on the true state of our nation...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by klugman
    a truly pathetic commentary on the true state of our nation...
    You never saw the little "t" in USAt, did you? United Slabs of Adipose Tissue.

  7. It's getting out of control...sometimes when Im in a public place I feel like a freak for being in shape.


  8. Is this why my health insurance is going up next year?

  9. no doubt, you're paying for the fat on other people's asses.

  10. The level of obesity in america is truly disgusting. the fact that americans are getting on average 3 hours less sleep per night than back in the 20's doesnt help either. Nor do 50 hour work weeks with 1 hour lunch breaks that leave time only for fast food.

    however, there is a point where people need to get a hold on their fat disgusting bodies. i mean my god, 2/3 of america is obese. not overweight, obese. I am apalled. I also have to wonder when i walk into a bar and see a 350lb man eating a hamburger, fries, and ribs on the side. i mean some of these people could go weeks without food and still be disgusting fat drains on society and our health insurance.

    these people and their disgusting lifestyles arent only hurting themselves, their lack of motivation and self control and basic human dignity is costing all of us every time we walk into a doctors office. how would you feel if you had a medical emergency and some fat piece of **** was in the ER suffering from a heart attack you know damn well he inflicted on himself by shoving 7000 calories of **** down his throat each day.

    stop accomodating these people, they need to know ITS NOT OKAY.

  11. LOl CBD!

    I did like the ad slogan "When the aliens come, they'll eat the fat ones first." that a fitness center did. People squealed until they took it down, lol.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    It's getting out of control...sometimes when Im in a public place I feel like a freak for being in shape.


  13. With organizations like this one:

    NAAFA Information

    Promoting values like this:

    -Work towards providing equal opportunity for fat people wherever obstacles and/or discrimination exist.

    -Disseminate information about the sociological, psychological, legal, medical, and physiological aspects of being fat.

    -Empower the large number of people regarded by the medical profession as "obese" to accept themselves, to live more fulfilling lives, and to promote acceptance of fat people within society.

    Personally, I always try to judge a person based on who they are and how they treat me. Some of my close friends have weight problems, and I dont think any less of them because of that, although Im concerned for them because its not healthy.

    However, making people think its OK to be a fatass is just wrong. Its a problem, its unhealthy, its costing society millions and they need to be aware of that. The most important thing fat people need to be aware of is that its nobody's fault but their own, and they need to be responsible for their own dietary and lifestyle decisions.

    It wont change though. Staying in shape is hard, especially when you've got work/kids/etc and are past that age when you can eat anything you want and stay relatively lean. And American's dont really like to work hard for results,they want instantaneous and effortless results.

    Strange how someone will work 60+ hours a week to make someone else rich, but when it comes to their own body, they're too busy, can't be bothered, etc.


  14. No doubt USA would be the one and only single most country that would survive if there were ever a worldwide famine that afflicted food supplies!

  15. I hear ya BV. It concerns me too, but I think the humor/razzing from me comes from frustration. I also don't buy that we all have to "accept" incredibly poor health decisions anymore than we have to accept huffing paint as a "recreation".

    People can change themselves as our community knows full well. WE could help them, however IMO their problems really lie in the pschological realm..denial.

  16. I have some fat friends also, but not close friends. We dont have as much in common. while my fat friends are at pizza hut eating. I'm at the gym or wakeboarding or riding a bike with my kids. my close friends dont mind walking 4 blocks to the store with me.
    I'm just glad I'm not single now. with 2/3 of america obese the pickens are slim!


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