Company Comes Up With 'Hybrid' Hamburger

  1. Company Comes Up With 'Hybrid' Hamburger

    ST. LOUIS (AP) - What's a health-conscious burger lover to do? The real thing tends to have too many calories and too much fat, but meatless burgers seem to lack the flavor and consistency of real beef.
    St. Louis-based Solae LLC has come up with a solution, a patent-pending invention called SoleCina that involves both the process and the ingredients to produce either a "hybrid" meat _ part soy, part real meat _ or a completely meatless food that tastes like chicken, beef, pork or turkey.
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  2. there is another option, its called lean ground beef and its not bad, has to be better then soy anything

  3. a health conscious burger lover should just get grass fed beef and not worry about it

  4. Can you say Turkey Burgers? ahh, that will only last so long.

    Isn't buffalo rather lean as well?

  5. Game meat is the nearly ideal form of protein with very low levels of saturated fat and decent levels of CLA. Grass fed beef..aka a close second.

    This new stuff sounds like some nightmare reject from hotdog factory, lol.

  6. It's made from people!

  7. Peeeeeeeeeeeople!

  8. I eat deadpeople. (said in a whisper)
    Recent log:

  9. Good! As a misanthrope, I'll happily do my part to thin the herd.


    Lean white tail, mule deer, any deer, elk, caribou, and buffalo are all lean healthy meats. 100% the best protein.

    Aside from my 17g Protein per tablespoon. I call it... Got Ripped Juice?

  11. I'm hoping to get drawn fo either elk or buffalo this year. I hope, I hope i hope

  12. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    It's made from people!
    it would prob taste better if it was.

  13. those little jimmy dean sausages are really pig penises...

  14. I got drawn for elk and didn't get to go B/c of prior contracts. BS! BS!
    never get drawn for it again as it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

  15. I got drawn for elk AND deer 2 years ago, but we had a freak snowstorm the day before each season started and I don't have a 4x4 so I was pretty much screwed.

  16. Yes indeed. Draw hunts are very nice and enjoyable. As most often they are fish-n-barrel hunts.

  17. Well here in AZ we have no over the counter tags for big's all lottery.

  18. That sucks.

  19. That really sucks. Everybody registered in MO gets a go, plus there is a draw for bonus tags.
    Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    Well here in AZ we have no over the counter tags for big's all lottery.

  20. Yeah, it's pretty unfair since most of the tags go to guys in Phoenix and Tucson. Those of us who live in the small mountain towns and who actually put up with elk all year long in our gardens and on the highway get short changed IMO. Of course, if you nail one on the highway it's yours

    I might have to buy an old beater pickup just for that purpose. lol


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