Congress suggests steroid bloodtests

  1. Post Congress suggests steroid bloodtests

    Congress suggests steroid bloodtests

    WASHINGTON, June 9 (UPI) -- Members of Congress have suggested that major league baseball begin regular blood testing of its players to head off the steroid problem.

    The proposal came from lawmakers disappointed with results 15 months after their first major confrontation with

    baseball over the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

    Some members of the House Committee on Government Reform, which held the earlier session, indicated it may call a second session, the Washington Post said Friday.

  2. Our government is so dumb. Why should anyone especially the government give a crap if a baseball player does steroids? I can't believe our joke of a government wastes time on stuff like this. Well come to think of it I guess I can believe it. This is another attempt to protect the children I guess, don't want them using steroids like their baseball idols now do we?

  3. We need to start blood-testing Congress for their obvious injesting and subsequent regurgitation of massive amounts of horse****.

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