Interesting article on the Right of Self Enhancement

  1. Interesting article on the Right of Self Enhancement

    Doesnt mention anabolics, but I would think it definitely applied to the discussion:

  2. I read the article and I really do that it is a person's rights to enhance themselves..

  3. Interesting article leading to some unsettling implications.

  4. A Toast to the Bionic Man
    Jesse Sullivan test-drives a brain-powered artificial arm

  5. i had heard about that, but thought it was a muscle-control device like in mentioned the early robotic arms were. This is actually reading his brain impulses! And he can feel touch in the robotic fingers??

    That's freakin wicked!!!


  6. .....And looping back to your original article, then will obviously come a day when people will VOLUNTARILY have organic limbs swapped out for artificial ones (probably for specialized work functions at first but eventually it would get cosmetic). I'm imagining different classes of athletes ("natural", "chemically enhanced," "genetically enhanced", "bionically enhanced."). It's a little unsettling to think about all the implications.

  7. Funny you should say that YeahRight:

    How crazy is THAT? Has a sense of touch and everything.


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