Positive article on AAS use

  1. Positive article on AAS use

    found this at another board figured I'd post it up. It's a nice article but I doubt our media would ever run something similar.

  2. interesting. wonder if they'll ever do a survey like that here in the USA.

  3. doubt it, our media doesn't like to print the truth. They sell more issues if they get on the bandwagon and disregard factual info.

  4. Definitely an interesting read, but I've yet to see any article mention the fact that there are things that can be done to combat sides. Men's Health had an article about steroids a few years ago that was also pretty upfront, though it did not inform about PCT, ancilliaries, etc. I remember that the next month a reader wrote in to say they were disgusted with such a reckless portrayl of these deadly drugs, to which the editor responded, "we just told the truth!"

  5. Yeah they always mention the sides but never anything about how easily their avoided with the proper precautions.

    I love how people flip out at the sides like changes in mood, testicular atrophy, increase hair growth, ect.... Well I just saw a commercial for a birth control device for females (a steroid) and the sides say, blood clot, stroke, and heart attack! Funny how no one seems to mind those
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  6. Solid read. Nice to see something offering a voice with balance and reason. It was nice while it lasted.
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