anybody read the cops&steroids article in men's health?

  1. anybody read the cops&steroids article in men's health?
    Its now fetured on

    Maybe my favortie quote:

    "His colleagues noticed. Mum was the word on duty, of course. But during off-hours, the officers conferred: What're you stacking? Which antiestrogens are you using? When Jimmy developed a golf ball-size pus nodule on his butt, which popped during a house party full of cops, they just laughed and pointed at the wet spot seeping through his jeans; they'd all been there."


  2. i'M RETARDED.

  3. I dont have any problem with cops using roids as long as they dont bust roid users.

    Pretty disgusting about the exploding pus ball though.

  4. This article's been posted here like 8 times in the last 6 months.

    When does something OFFICIALLY become old news???




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