New study finds aspartame carcinogenic in small amounts

  1. New study finds aspartame carcinogenic in small amounts

    This is hitting mainstream publications here in Belgium. Couldn't find an English source so this is translated through Babelfish from}:

    23/11 Aspartaam also in small quantity carcinogenic

    The sweetener aspartaam, which is especially used in lightproducts, proves to be a strongly carcinogenic product. Also the current permitted quantity in Europe is already dangerous.

    That shows Italian research. The research workers plead for a revision of the American and European directives. The research, in the Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Center in Bologna, happened on rats. The animals were classified in six groups and got each a different quantity aspartaam in their daily feeding. After 159 weeks the last rat died. The animals were afterwards analysed and all appeared to suffer from cancer.

    Also the study showed that aspartaam is already carcinogenic at a daily amount of 20 milligram by kilo body weight. That whereas the accepted quantity in Europe 40 amounts to milligram by kilogramme. In the United States is that even 50 milligram. The research workers plead thus for a revision of the directives. According to Pascal Houbaert of the federal food agency such herevaluatie of the directives for aspartaam to pace are the food authority European at. "but that" this way says he has adopted new position still no.

    Aspartaam sit in more than 6,000 feeding products, including in softdrinks, jackdaw gum, desserts and yoghourt as well as in a lot lightproducts. More than 200 millions people use it daily.

  2. Some more reading and a rebuttal by the sweetener manufacturers:

  3. This is old news. I will state in my opinion that aspartame was only unbanned by the FDA due to the interference of NutraSweet patent owner Searle's CEO at the time, none other than Donald Rumsfeld.

    The question for years has not been does aspartame convert to formaldehyde, diketobenzaprine, formic acid and methanol but at what rate. Why do you think Japan does not allow the sweetener and instead uses natural Stevia in products like Diet Coke?

    Of course, in the U.S. Stevia is not allowed to be labeled as a sweetener because it can't be patented i.e. no money in marketing it at a mass level.

    Aspartame is not suggested for baking because it breaks down greatly at high temperatures into methanol sans its natural antidote ethanol. Splenda or Stevia do not suffer from the same instability.

    I will say that every time I see an aspartame industry "rebuttal" of evidence pointing toward numerous problems with the substance it smarks of the disingenuous and condescending. Again, all my opinion based on my research and experiences.

  4. IMO, it does not matter how many studies are put out revealing this, people just wont listen, and accept the fact that these additives are dangerous, I believe in a hundred years or so, these sweeteners will be the equivalent of lead paint or ddt, and everyone will be saying "why the hell did it take us so long to find out that **** was dangerous" All of the powdered supps. I take(protein, creatine, aminos, carbs) are unsweetened.

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