I just read this article from "MSN Health and Fitness". It kind of brings back memories of me living on the army base with my parents. My dad used to make me go through these routines. I had to perform these routines when I did something bad. Hmmm, for example, fighting, lying, staying out past curfew, playing with my dad weapons, target shooting in an unauthorized section of the base, cutting school, stealing a jeep, smoking weed, and having sex in a tank. You know regular army brat stuff.

    I still perform these same exercises...just to remember my bad ass teenager years.

  2. My last PT test I got 125 push-ups, 110 sit-ups, and ran 2 miles in 14:25.. I was 27 at the time, so in my age bracket that was above standard..

    I can probably still pull those numbers, it's more mental than physical really.. Hooah!

  3. Let's see... i do 100 pushups every night, so i'm good there i think. did 97 situps in a minute (school record) in High School and i think i can still maintain that. ran a 5:04 mile too... now, i know damn well I can't do that anymore. i'm doing a 5K the end of November here in MN, so i'll know then how that goes.

    bah, i'm good for being 27 i think, but i'm willing to bet most of the guys on this board would put me to shame

  4. I remember tests like that from High School, I was never in the military though.

    I know I can bust out 100+ pushups without a problem, just did 25 chins, timed situps I havent done in forever, and although I get my cardio in these days its mostly on an elliptical. Reminds me I need to do some runnin'


  5. I could have been a ranger also. I did 84 pushups in 2 min.(because that was the max) 92 situps in 2min., I could do 15 pullups(probably more now) and run a 13:30 2mile(11:45 in shape)



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