Big Oil Under Fire

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by 50joe
    Don't mean to interrupt, but i have to say, this is an awesome thread, and I absoultely love reading everyone's points back and fourth
    I actually liked him better when he was implying I'm a racist.

  2. ...I don't have time to read the whole thread, but is Big Fish Oil under fire too???

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian
    What you explained is an example of GOOD and ETHICAL competitive business practices.

    Here's an example of unethical practices:

    The man, after buying a net and making tons of money from it, builds a place where he breeds fish. Then he goes to the natural locations and poisons all the fish so that he is the only person you can get fish from. Then he drives the price of fish through the roof.
    I remember when I was less skeptical about "free' markets. I used to wonder why more people were not successful.The world could be a perfect place if we all could follow a few simple rules of ethics and accountability.Then I discovered that not everybody likes to play by the rules.Some people actually derive pleasure from cheating, not just what they "gain" by cheating,but just the "act" itself.So with the afformentioned preface I submit a corollary to the "fish" model.-The guy living in the big house with the nice car could add a vaction home, if he in an act of selfless eco-consciousness collected all the "poisoned" fish, at a minimal dead fish removal rate (paid for with local tax dollars), ground them up and sold them as "fish patty surprise" to some unsuspecting third world citizen who was too hungry to notice the strange taste.When the population of patty poppers start to develop some symptoms of sickness.The "fish patty" salesman enlists the help of the government in the form of a UN task force to test the land and water for a source of the illness.When they finally realize that the fish are not safe for human consumption.The fish patty salesman has already gotten free land surveys and soil analysis, from which he discovers that there are valuable minerals that can be mined.He then convinces the third worlders to sign over their land mineral rights in trade for a new "poison-free" fishpatty supply.He now repackages his tainted fishpatties, so that they can be sold as gourmet cat food.The fishpatty salesman can now afford to buy a NFL franchise, a tv station and one state senator!.

  4. ...I don't have time to read the whole thread, but is Big Fish Oil under fire too???
    Badoom kshhhhh!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by milwood
    ...I don't have time to read the whole thread, but is Big Fish Oil under fire too???
    Yes, they actually had to form a Big Fish Oil Coopertive ( big FOC for short ) to retain legal council because a women with sensative taste budds, sued them when the french fries and apple pies tasted like fish.They settled the law suit when a "special independent lab study" showed that french fries made with Big FOC oil had fat burning,muscle building and possible libido enhancement properties.The woman can now be seen in their national ad campaign as a spokesmodel.Two days after signing her endorsment deal her breasts grew two cup sizes, which big FOC labs believes is directly related to habitual use of their product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CDB View Post
    Because government ownership of oil worked so well in all other countries that have tried it. Wonderful idea. I have no idea how you call yourself a libertarian when you advocate blatant economic nonsense and flagrant violations of property rights as you do in this post, Null.
    I read something awhile back that suggested modern devotees of the "Austrian School" have a far more hardline view of Keynesian theory than their own founders did.

  7. Lately, it seems to be the refineries that are setting the price.

  8. No one 'sets' the price. The product is offerred to buyers by sellers, the price is set by the most competent of the two groups. What we're dealing with here though is a market where supply is artificially manipulated and subsidized and screwed with, and demand likewise ****ed around with, such that prices aren't equilibrating supply and demand so the market will clear but generally doing who knows **** all. Well over half the supply of oil is directly controlled by governments, the remainder is significantly regualted. To call what remains 'a market' and to expect a price that makes some sort of sense is kind of a bad joke.

  9. Acutally, welcome to 2005. Thanks for digging up the past Luther.
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngandfree View Post

    Acutally, welcome to 2005. Thanks for digging up the past Luther.
    Am I the only one who commented recently? Is the issue dead because the thread was from 2005?

  11. apparently


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