Fish-eaters stay sharp with age.

  1. Fish-eaters stay sharp with age.

    Yet another good reason to supplement with fish oils. Recent study finds that a once a week meal rich in fish oils slows mental decline by 10%. It's not just for looks, it's for health

  2. now when people ask why I supplement my body with fish oils despite the foul odor I have yet ANOTHER reason to tell them why, lol.

    good post bro


  3. Ounce for ounce and dollar for dollar, fish oil is the most important and far reaching supplement out there IMO.

  4. OK how about supplementing with all natural fish? Do you know that only 3 ounces of sockeye salmon has over 26 grams of protein?

  5. i can't stand fish but i know how moderate amounts are good for you so you just gotta plug your nose.

  6. Page not found- So does this go for cooked fish or sushi?

  7. Looks like I will invest in some fish oil. Doesn't the Vegan Diet follow a plan that includes fish?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Achilles13
    Looks like I will invest in some fish oil. Doesn't the Vegan Diet follow a plan that includes fish?
    Vegans don't consume any animal products (including honey, milk, cheese etc.). Many vegetarian diets will incorporate fish (making it a vegetable/fruit heavy diet rather than a vegetarian diet).

  9. Gotta go pop some of those fish oil pills now, I like fresh fish better though.

  10. Actually I take a can of sockeye salmon, with bones and skin, mash it up in a bowl, put some spices in it, along with some fat free sour cream and cottage chees and hot sauce, then put into little disposable tupperwares and bring to work. Great healthy snack - no fish smell!

  11. Keep an eye out for mercury in fish these days. I take the NOW Omega 3-6-9 caps. No smell or taste at all.


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