The Dangers of Low Cholesterol

  1. The Dangers of Low Cholesterol

    Take with a grain of salt perhaps...

    I thought this was relevant as many of us are wondering exactly what the dangers of having low cholesterol levels are. Single digit lipid values brought on by strong methylated compounds may have more risk than anticipated, however exactly how detrimental these short term duration dips in HDL/LDL are remains to be studied.

    I found the links to depression, suicide and rage to be fairly interesting.low cholesterol

  2. Odorless Garlic and Baby Aspirin after cycles!
    I'll check that link out
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  3. From reading this article, it would seem that my LDL isn't as bad as I thought it was being 119. That's a good thing to know (grain of salt included )

  4. All I can say is that I was having a groovy 4/ad/19 nor/1test cycle until I added SD...and it's like someone stole my soul away, lol. It may be purely anecdotal but I now firmly believe that's why I've had bad depression from the last few cycles which all happened to include methyls. Things go great for a few weeks and then mentally go down the drain..presumably when cholesterol levels tank. Things that make me go hmmm.

    I'm adding some coconut oil into my diet just to see if that helps. Garlic et al will be added soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    Odorless Garlic and Baby Aspirin after cycles!
    I'll check that link out
    l"scientists found the Parkinson's link in men with LDL cholesterol levels below 135 to be telling and alarming. Men with LDL levels below 91 were four times as likely to have Parkinson's while those with levels between 91-135 were six times more prone to Parkinson's. Perhaps, scientists said, lower amounts of cholesterol don't get rid of all the environmental toxins"

    Im lost. I read it as lowering LDL cholesterol too much is bad. He says it alarming and it may not get rid of toxins. Then he says people with lower cholesterol are less likely to get Parkinsons?.?. Cool garlic graphs I found two days ago.
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  6. Hence the grain of salt...and it's preliminary findings anyways. I thought the associated links to depression and suicide to be relevant though.

  7. Results of a study conducted by Dutch researchers provide additional evidence for a link between low cholesterol levels and an increased risk of depression in men. Investigators measured serum cholesterol levels in some 30,000 men, as part of a large screening program.

    They compared the presence of depressive symptoms, anger, hostility, and impulsivity in these men, to men with cholesterol levels in the normal range. They found that men with chronically low cholesterol levels showed a consistently higher risk of having depressive symptoms.

    Cholesterol may affect the metabolism of serotonin, a substance known to be involved in the regulation of mood as the researchers have previously shown that serotonin levels are also reduced in men with low levels of cholesterol.
    I'm no scientist, but, could not this be inverse cause and effect. IOW, the low serotonin (and depression) cause (or at least effect metabolism of) the low levels of cholesterol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    Hence the grain of salt...and it's preliminary findings anyways. I thought the associated links to depression and suicide to be relevant though.
    OK, I was reading to much into it. Thanks.

  9. Curious about all of that myself B51. I'd like to hear Dr D, CBD, and others chime in. As I said, anecdotally, this just feels like a piece of the puzzle has fallen into place for me. Since we surmised that low cholesterol levels must be'd be nice to know just how bad. The non-stop concern over liver values is related to this, however I think actual liver damage is a lower concern given the short duration of toxic exposure.

    It's the choleostasis and the resulting cascade of effects brought on by stress to the liver that interests me.

    Heavy duty AAS users seem to be dieing of heart failure, not cirrhosis of the liver.


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