Liquid oxygen?

  1. Liquid oxygen?

    This reminded me of some of the supplements that come out...

    Misleading and absurd

    JUST occasionally, a promotion for a commercial product is so misleading it makes us huff and puff. An example is the publicity for a new skincare product called Neaclear. It is apparently "creating a big commotion in the dermatologic community".

    The company's website ( helpfully explains how "the body can only survive minutes without oxygen". "Today's breathable air," it goes on threateningly, "contains less than 20 per cent oxygen" whereas "at one time, this number was more than 50 per cent".

    Shock, horror! The atmosphere is losing its oxygen! We've come across this rubbish before, and as far as the planet's recent history is concerned, it is simply not true. The oxygen in our atmosphere has been stable at about 18 per cent for at least 3 million years - and the last time it contained anything approaching 50 per cent was some 300 million years ago, when people weren't around to breathe it.

    From the misleading to the absurd. Neaclear, we are told, contains a "powerful combination of liquid oxygen, vitamins C & E, sage, chamomile, seaweed and rosemary, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and hydroquinone". At first we thought this might be a typographical error, but no, the company goes on to explain that Neaclear skin care "is the first to combine stabilised liquid oxygen into all of its products".

    This is "definitely unique", says Neaclear, and we agree. We have certainly never heard of a skin cream that contains liquid oxygen, the temperature of which is normally somewhere below -183 °C.

  2. That would be so cool. You could fill a pool up with it and swim in it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by noctorum
    That would be so cool. You could fill a pool up with it and swim in it.
    Only if you want to end up like the T-1000....

  4. LMAO! That is sooooooooo mind numbingly retarded!

    Yeah, an oxygen content of over 50% was around prior to the evolution of most land animals. In that high of an amount it's actually quite deleterious as O2 spawned free radicals would eat you alive. You'd age very quickly and it's one of the reasons patients who are put on pure O2 do not live very long...nice marketing angle though, pfffft!

  5. This is right along the lines of the inventor of the master cleanser diet claims that since the air we breathe is made up of nitrogen and protein is made primarily from nitrogen, that we don't need to eat protein.

    In other words, he claims that by simply breathing we satisfy our protein needs.

  6. Wow you must not have read the FAQ. Duh--
    Is there really liquid oxygen in neaclear® & neaclearPlus products?

    neaclear® and neaclearPlus skin care products all have oxygen in them. the oxygenation is a special 4 step process that enables us to place oxygen into a stable liquid form. liquid oxygen normally exists only at the extremely low temperature of -183 degrees Celsius under normal atmospheric pressure. liquid oxygen in it's purest form is highly combustible and basically "rocket fuel". NO, we do not have rocket fuel (pure liquid oxygen) in our products. please realize the oxygen concentration in our skin care products is not a large amount, definitely less than 5%. again, we always recommend not placing these products close to any sources of fire or anything flammable (a good piece of advice with any skin care products).


  7. Oxygen molecules isn't necessarily damaging to carbon based organisms The most abundant oxidant is Ozone. Oxidants is formed in a cycle involving Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Atmospheric Oxygen and Hydro carbons. Oxygen along isn't a oxidant or free-radical as you will.

  8. I realize that, but increasing the percentage of oxygen would also increase the concentration oxidants/O free radicals which is partly the reason we see patients on pure O2 degrade so quickly. But you're right O2 isn't the bad guy per se.

    It's not unlike the push in the supp industry for bigger and better NO products..there's a fine line between getting good pumps and overwhelming your body's capacity to deal with NO related lipid peroxidation. Where that line is..I'm sure the BB community is going to find out in the next few years lol.

  9. Did you guys know that liquid oxygen is slightly magnetic?

  10. interesting...
  11. powerlifter6920
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    Way back when in the late eighties I was trained on using liquid oxygen while in the Navy. This **** is incredibly explosive, unstable, and so friggin cold it will freeze a lot of stuff instantly. I remember one of the instructors taking an unlit cigarett and dipping it in the LOX(liquid oxygen). We went about 100 yards away and he lit it. It burned like a propane torch, just sheer blue flame.

  12. The last time we had 50% O2 we also had 10 ft centipedes and 3 lbs spiders running around!! Imagine how volatile the atmosphere was...don't light that cigarette around me!

  13. If the atmosphere was anywhere greater than 25% oxygen, the atmosphere would quite literally light on fire.

    This is a horrendously bogus claim.

    Liquid oxygen is actually one of the most dangerous chemical substances humans produce. Putting it in skincare products is ludicrous.

  14. Anyone remember oxygen water? It was a supposed sports drink that had "extra oxygen." LMAO! H2O is H2O. Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2.


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