Baseball gods fire back

  1. Baseball gods fire back

    Players linked to steroids use need to follow Giambi's lead

    Dan Bickley
    Chin Music
    Aug. 14, 2005 12:00 AM

    Baseball players need to find religion, if not the nearest confessional.

    Their gods are angry.

    Mark McGwire has been chopped down. Rafael "Pariah" Palmeiro is hiding behind his lawyer. Barry Bonds is in self-exile, biding his time while posting pictures of his knee on the Internet. And with a furious late-season charge, Sammy Sosa might actually hit 20 home runs this season.

    No matter what the evidence says, they have all wounded the soul of baseball.

    While they hide behind alibis, translators and the shield of their own union, the guilty are finally getting their due. Former players like Ryne Sandberg and Jack Morris are beginning to voice their displeasure. If Bonds ever resumes his chase of Ruth and Aaron, the mitt will really hit the fan.

    Lest anyone doubt these are all karmic slaps from a high power, consider the fall and rise of Jason Giambi.

    Among the usual suspects, he is the only one that admitted using steroids, sort of. His apology was sincere, even if an attorney censored his words. Everyone knew what Giambi was saying, and after paying his penance, the truth has set him free.

    Entering the weekend, Giambi had 21 home runs, 68 walks and led the American League in on-base percentage.

    It proves that, among thieves, even a little honor can go a long way.
    I mentioned in another thread the issue of Giambi and his confession and apology. I stand my ground on my opinion:
    Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    The character of the man is in the way he responds when found out.

  2. I actually heard some moron on sports radio claiming he should be tested again because he's tearing the cover off the ball. Giambi is a good guy though and never makes excuses. He wasn't blaming anyone through his struggles and now is redeeming himself with a vengence.

  3. As we all know, theres tons of compounds out that they dont test for as well as **** we dont know about. I mean these guys could be shooting 100's of mgs of IGF per week and no one would no about it. And what about taking 40-50mgs of SD? And what about the populare test/epi test blend. Then of course there is always the whizzinator.

  4. I always liked Giambi, eventhough it was obvious he juiced for several years. The Giambino would be a good player with or without the juice. His plate discipline is second to none and he has power.

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