advice on stacks and or suppliments?

  1. Cool advice on stacks and or suppliments?

    I'm just starting out for an old guy, but would like to do it right. I've been reading (flex, mens health ect...) enough crap to make my head spin. Articles seem to turn into advertisments. Who has the strait poop on where to start, and start hard without wasting my time and money? no2,ce2? ethyl-ester? kre-aylk? fizogen? muscletech? cellmass stack? ect ect ect... What works? how do I get the results I want? the best bang for the buck, if you will? All intelligent reponses welcome.

  2. wrong place...... try the supplements forum please.... and you will get intelligent responses from our very experienced and mature members.....

  3. Thank you for your advise and response.

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