More bad press for supplements (and Arnold)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by UnicronSpawn
    Immigration was the original reason marijuana was criminalized.
    Before that people could get a permit if they smoked it, (allthough there was a couple catch 22's with that system.) They thought all the weed smoking Mexicans would leave if they outlawed pot. Obviously that plan worked superbly. .
    Marijuana was made illegal when the DuPont company pushed the U.S. government to start the prohibition. DuPont had just made nylon rope and did not have any selling power as hemp rope was superior and cheaper.

    Didn't you ever wonder why you can't grow just hemp?

    Marijuana was made illegal so that hemp could be made illegal.

    sorry for going so far off topic.

  2. There was also something about paper made from hemb being superior to paper made from trees, and a big paper tycoon , William Randolph Hearst, had invested a large sum of money into wood-based paper production. So of course he pushed vehemently for the prohibition and demonization of marijuana.

    Its pretty sick, if you think about it. Every year, millions of acres of timberland get destroyed to produce products that could be easily manufactured from hemb fibers.

    Most plastic products can be made from hempseed oil.

    The diesel engine was originally made to run on hempseed oil-based fuels, and hempseed oils (and other vegetable oils, for that matter) can actually be converted to diesel fuel through a releatively simple chemical reaction.

    Hempseed oil is a near-perfect source of EFA's.

    And finally, the most important reason why marijuana should be legalized:

    Arnold smokes pot at the end of "Pumping Iron"

    Seriously though...its disgusting what people do in the name of $$$, marijuana's pschoactive effects aside, it IS a very useful plant and could be very beneficial to our society and our environment.


  3. I'm from san diego and honestly i dont see alot of the problems you guys are talking about. hardly any people i see dont speak english... LA on the other hand is a different story. Perhaps you guys are talking about san ysidro or something?

    but yeah, legalize it. and stop ****ing with arnold stupidpencilneckedsonsofbitche s.

  4. You'd think LA would support such measures given their flash over substance mentality.

    California is a wreck if you ask me.


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