Swimmer Lied but Wins Lawsuit Anyway

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  3. Follow-up: Lying Athlete Is Called Out

    Court vacates contaminant judgment against Ultimate Nutrition


    7/21/2005- Ultimate Nutrition’s request that California’s Superior Court vacate the judgment against it in its lawsuit against amateur swimmer Kicker Vencill, on the grounds that there was no evidence that its multivitamin product contained a banned substance, has been granted.

    Vencill launched a lawsuit against the company in 2003 after his urine tested positive for 19-norandrosterone at 4 ng/mL, a substance that is restricted for high-level swimmers, resulting in a two-year ban from swimming competitions, including the Olympic trials. Vencill claimed that the substance originated from contamination of Ultimate Nutrition’s multivitamin product, Super Complete.

    In May, a civil jury found in favor of Vencill, awarding him $578,000 in damages.

    Independent testing reportedly showed that the multivitamin had been contaminated.

    But the company says that multiple tests carried out at the University of Southern California on capsules from the same lot number as those purportedly taken by Vencill, from preceding and following lot numbers and, indeed, from the very same bottle from which Vencill allegedly consumed capsules all showed up negative for contaminants.

    It has also said that all its non-prohormone products, including Super Complete, are manufactured at facilities that do not make prohormones, steroid precursors, or steroid metabolites. Nor does the company source ingredients from suppliers that manufacture these substances.

    According to Ultimate Nutrition’s attorney Todd Croutch, a “mutually agreeable? resolution has been reached between Vencill and Ultimate Nutrition.

  4. I hope they didnt have to give that sissy whine ass too much money...

  5. I saw this story on TV last week. I think it was ESPN2, but I'm not sure.

    Anyways, they painted Kicker as a martyr. Poor innocent kicker who had his life ruined by a multivitamin.

    They interviewed the CEO of Ultimate Nutrition, and I kept wondering why the first thing out of his mouth wasn't about the testing results. (They aired him saying that it was impossible to test for every single kind of cross-contamination.)

    And then at the very end of the story, there was one sentence about the company denying the results.

    Total hatchet job ...

  6. I'd like to kick that dude's ass up around his ears. Ill bet you any amount of $$ he was a spoiled little bitch groing up too, who never was held accountable for anything he did.

    Freakin' punk.


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