Don Youngblood dead at 51 years old

  1. Don Youngblood dead at 51 years old

    Don youngblood died in his home on monday 5-9-05 of a heart attack

  2. Yikes...poor guy.

    Do you have any links, bro?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea
    Don youngblood died in his home on monday 5-9-05 of a heart attack
    Another dead pro...damn. It's sad to hear that he passed. RIP Don.

    here's a link kywcke:

  4. That sucks. I liked and admired him a lot. I remember reading his profile in MD after he won the Masters O. RIP Don. And prayers to his family.

    This is becoming an all too common occurance.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea
    Don youngblood died in his home on monday 5-9-05 of a heart attack

    Where did you get that information?. Any links?

  6. I saw this posted the day it happened at a couple other boards. THe mods there know him personally. I however cannot link ot the site as certain things cannot be posted here.

    It is with great sadness that I make this post. Earlier today, IFBB Pro and Masters Mr. Olympia Champion, Don Youngblood, was found deceased in his home.

    I can't really give the details yet as the family wants to wait for the autopsy reports until the "specific" cause is determined. As of right now there are a lot of sketchy details.

    Please take a moment to think of Don and pray for his family.

    Kim, Dominic and I want to send our love and prayers to his wife, Sue and his kids as this is an extremely sad and tough time.

    I will keep everyone posted on this and let everyone know when funeral arrangements are made and where they can send flowers/cards.

    Thank you,


  7. THis is really starting to become a problem. All of us need to rethink our steps we take to achieve our goals. I know that I am definatley not one to speak. But, in any case, please be careful everybody....take every precautionary measure you can....this supposed to be a healthy lifestyle....remember that.

  8. The man was truly a monster...and from what I understand a VERY nice guy. RIP Don.

  9. damn, he was a big dude. how old is he in that pic bro?

  10. Hmm...not too sure beelz.

  11. I wonder what caused him to have massive heart attack? Any ideas?

  12. I think he was in Tmag's deadpool. I remember seeing pics of him and thinking, "dang, that's one big shredded old dude." It's a shame he died. He was massive.

  13. I've noticed that huge shredded guys usually don't live long lives. Perhaps he simply burned the candle at both ends. There's a limit to what the human body can endure. I'm into weight lifting, but I sure won't mess with my neuroendocrine system the way some have. I truly respect those who want to get huge--I can understand their motivation, yet this come at a price. I'm not one who wants supraphysiological levels of androgens and that for obvious reasons, too much of anything is just like not enough. However consequences only show up after years of abuse, not after 6 months--people build up some confidence level over time, seeing that they've used this or that steroid over the long haul without any mishaps to speak of. I know for instance that too much Testosterone can overstimulate the limbic system which comprises the thalamus, hypothalamus, and amygdala etc...over activity of this last is linked to depression, just like not enough can end up in the same. There's a lot to be said about this subject, but as I said I respect those who consciously make that choice of using anabolic steroids. Of course some will say that I don't know what I'm talking about because I've never used them myself. However what I know, I get it mainly from a retired endocrinologist I've known, thus he should know a considerable amount about this subject. As far as I'm concerned, I'm very fond of weight lifitng, i really like it, but I stay natural--of course I'm not huge, but I prefer to get what i can get naturally, and hopefully have less harmful sides in the long term--I say to each his own.

    I admit however that this guy Don, had some INCREDIBLE shape indeed--he truly succeeded at what it is he loved most--on this I congratulate him--may he rest in peace. I'm always sad to see people die, and this guy sure looked like a real good fellow--it's shows on his face.
  14. Exclamation

    Thats too bad. He was awesome.

  15. Awesome is the word--I think it's one of the few BB'ers this shredded I've seen to this day.

  16. Before we blame this all on steroids, we should consider everything else this guy was on and the amounts of these other things. He was huge, ripped and 51 years old. To get that was more than just juice.

  17. the amount of protein he ingested can overload kidney and liver functions for one, and we should also keep in mind that his heart is probably not much bigger than ours, yet had to a lot of tissue to irrigate. One thing is known although many may think it is unrelated, it may still be to some extent--it's known that digestion breathing all generate free radical, thus eating very mammoth amount of cabs, proteins etc...sure generate more free radical than say in a caloric restricted individual--now free radicals it is known is linked to a lot of pathologies. Human biochemistry is ever so complicated, not to mention the role gene encoding has to play. One thing is for sure thoug, it's not uncommon to see either strong man and bodybuilders die at a young age, so there must be something there. Playing around with insulin, testosterone, GH/IGF-1 axis etc..etc..etc...can be fun at first but in the long term might in some individual terrible consequences--again supraphysiological levels of any hormone is bad, and it's common sense wen we think about it, just as too little can have as dramatic impact over time. I do not say that juicing alone send him to an early grave, but it a whole host a factors, including this, sure didn't help the poor guy. every bodily systems, organ, all of the nervous system, CNS, ANS, PNS etc... all work in unison, and losing balance is not that hard. As far as I'm concerned, as much as I like BBing, I want to remain natural for obvious reasons. Of course as I said I'm not huge, I'm 5'8'' 195 pounds, but I'm more after strength than being shredded....thus I should say that I'm more of a powerlifter. I however admire the impressive physique this guy Don achieved it'S amazing, but again it comes at a price. As long as one is aware of the risks involved of the possible consequences, then everything is fine.

    I guess if he had a massive heart attack, he likely had clogged arteries--although there are another kind of heart attack that doen't involved clogged arteries.

    Take for instance the GH craze--it's been seen by many as the end all of anti-aging, whereas it'S only a part of the puzzle. i'm much more interested in proper thyroid functioning, and cortisol control, than GH, although GH still has it's relevance, in fact they ALL play important roles in physiology.

    Also on a more simplistic note, it's likely that pushing the human machine over it's normal capacity is possible, but it may create premature wear and tear--although it's not the same at all, take the instance of a car, if one constanly floor it engine being cold, course it will run this way and perform at 150% of it's capacity, but for how long ?

  18. Hell he probably was on gear for 30 years.

  19. i think all the weight he was carrying, plus steroids, igf, = death. Everybody builder i have seen or read who died were like freaks of nature or massively big. I think achieving a ripped look or a medium to moderate build without abusing steroids won't harm you in th long run, but when guys take well over 2grams a week + hgh, i think your asking for trouble. and in don's age, it had to be a factor. Our bodies are just not built to carry that weight around. Docs tell obese people to lay off the food, diet, etc, so that the heart can work and function at a higher and more efficient level, but what do we do? We had on muscle and ironically create the same effect that the fatty's are trying to get under control! well, may he rest in peace

  20. I'm with you on this Chip. I have used all the various prohormones and prosteroids around sporadically to improve my physique and rejuvenate my body. Used in moderation and infrequently I view androgens as a great benefit to myself. I am however very concious of all the downsides that this MO has to offer. I have no desire or plans to be a BBer but I deeply respect those that are. You are all my inspiration and source of info so I would never disparage that.

    Last winter during and after a cycle I was struck with the worst depression in my 32 years. I've always had depression but this was an order of magnitude worse. Coupled with the fact that I was out of work and had lost my gains due to a cortisol explosion..I was very nearly suicidal. I'm not one to bitch and moan but do take these compounds seriously people. Being ripped ain't worth dieing over.

    Cardiovascularly, the points you made are all valid I think. Add to that a lot of guys cycle on and off methyls constantly and I think that's why we see so many heart attacks. Now that we're all well versed on M1T, SD et al and how it crashes lipid values I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that methyls might be the primary cause of death for a lot big guys who've used them a lot.

    HDL levels in the single digits for any length of time and when the body is under intense stress (HIT training) just plain scares me. Will I use orals again? Probably, but in moderation, for short amounts of time and with great respect for their power and for my ticker.

    Up until very recently the emphasis on orals was always liver issues. This may be true but I for one think the main issue needs to be cardiovascular issues.

  21. Thanks bioman--I'd disucss it even further but just came back from work--it's twleve midnight here--some day it was at work :-)


  22. he lived by me and we work out at the same gym.. im pretty sure his heart attack can be attributed to his many years on juice that picture of him in the gym was pretty recent within a couple of years.. he incline pressed 600lbs for crying out loud i dont know how that didnt give him a heart attack

  23. DAMN!! I'm not even deadlifting that yet!! lol

  24. Quote Originally Posted by lifted
    DAMN!! I'm not even deadlifting that yet!! lol
    I'd love to do 300lbs of anything let alone 600! Much love to his family and such. But this is another case of no matter how safe you might be nobody can predict the future. Be safe everyone!


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