Myths of Water and Dehydration

  1. Myths of Water and Dehydration

    In case any of you missed this. There was a few articles on this before but I thought I would post some more info you all of you that take your water drinking too extremes.

  2. You mean we don't have to be drinking 4 gallons a day?!

  3. When I'm sweating bullets in the gym I'll drink water every other set. Oh yea, also when I'm mowing my lawn in S. Florida in the summer, 100 deg 100% humidity

  4. While I'm sure that article applies to the average american, I found very little in that article that would apply to the athlete or bodybuilder.

    Just my opinion.

  5. very valid. i always try to look at every article and put a bodybuilding spin on it. i tihnk people forget our bodies and what we do to them is much different than the average joe schmo.



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