Former NFL Player talks about past steroid use

  1. Former NFL Player talks about past steroid use

    With the exception of a few technical glitches, a reasonably accurate and interesting article.

  2. Very interesting.

    6 weeks? Riiiiiight

  3. the writer also defined THG as human growth hormone .. goddamn it these people have no ****ing clue

  4. Hey, at least is wasn't a which-hunt article

  5. yea but acting like everyone takes them, cus i know phenominal athletes at the college level that dont or even never used aas, but still 290 - 300 lbs solid or powerfull, but i gues back in the day they didnt have the training knowledge and health benifits we do now days...

  6. he said that 50% of NFL players take steroids I don't believe it either, more like 90%

  7. shoot at the d-1 or hell even d-3 since they dont test, probably 70% of the players are on one


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