Schwarzenegger Urges Steroid Crackdown

  1. Schwarzenegger Urges Steroid Crackdown

  2. Gee and who here actually thought that he wouldn't crack under the pressure.. do as I say not as I do/did

  3. he has become the typical politician ! they [steroids] were good for him to help build his carrer in movies and bodybuilding.,and win titles that made him a household name and like i said it also got him noticed enough to end up starring in the movies which also made him popular enough to become what he is now. and steroids were good for him but no-one else!!!. i supose it should be no surprise that he has bowed to the pressure. but that only shows you that you cant trust a politician because theyll do what they need to for political gain....imo he has stomped on his brothers and and stabbed we the people who helped his career in the back wich now makes him no better than the rest...what a sad time that we live in.

  4. Arnold has made it known for a while that he doesn't like the way modern bodybuilders have become.

  5. I don't like the modern state of bodybuilding, but I do like Dex's physique and think a win is well deserved for him. I think his victory is definitely meant to send a sign that this is what we want in bodybuilding, not the freak physique.

    Nonetheless, Arnie is a bit of a sellout. He is a politician, so I expect nothing less. That is why I have issues with anyone who talks about any politican with tremendous zeal. In order to get there you have to compromise everything you believe in.

  6. The pros use an un-godly amount of steroids today. Back then I don't think they used as much. Just look at the pumping iron dvd. Compare those bodybuilders to todays. Today they look like ****in cartoon people!. Then they have pictures of all the pros in those stupid bodybuilding mags with adds for supplements. Like it was this or that supplement that blew them up so huge...Yeah right!. Joe weider can kiss my ass!. Just my opinion here guys...don't go flaming me for my opinion. Thats just what I think of it all and nothing short of a miracle will change my opinion.

  7. T-bone, I agree with your opinion.. just hoped that everyone understands that Arnold is no better than any other of the political types in State or Federal government.. especially not one to change the Constitution for..

  8. I don't really like him as a bodybuilder. I am more of a fan of his movies. I don't know about him as a politician, but hey I don't live in California....I read about the controversy(sp.) about him and the 1980 mr.o. People say it was "rigged". What do I know though, I was only 8 years old...Its just what I've read. I believe the whole thing is kinda rigged toward weider sponsers...

  9. BB will come full circle, I believe. Old school physics will dominate simply because you can't get much bigger than Ronnie and those guys can't recover from their careers as easily...That's my belief anyways. Regardless though, Arnold is where he is today because of the same stuff he wants banned.

  10. Lets face it. Guys like Arnold have contributed greatly in giving bodybuilding a respectful place in sports. Before it was considered weird to "bodybuild" and to
    find a gym was nearly impossible.
    The fact that he is condeming steroids
    today is quite easy to explain.....
    He wants to become the President someday
    so he has to be politically correct in all his
    If and when he does become #1 in America is when he will turn around and bite
    everyone in the ass and legalize anabolics.

    So vote for Conan.

  11. Oh and by the way bros....

    I'll bet anything that he still uses.
    All nice and legal prescribed by his
    personal physician including test, gh,
    probably proviron to keep him lean
    for those photo shoots, etc. etc.

    After all .....He has his ego to look after.

  12. He can't become President... he is a naturalized citizen...
    And no he will not bite everyone in the ass on AAS... he has sold out on the issue...

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    He can't become President... he is a naturalized citizen...
    And no he will not bite everyone in the ass on AAS... he has sold out on the issue...
    There is a movement among some conservatives in Washington to ammend the constitution to permit a naturalized citizen of 20+years to be president. I don't know if it will work, but their are people trying for it.

  14. it's my sincere hope that such an amendment is NEVER passed.
    and in the sad event that it is, I hope Arnold is barred from running - he has no qualities I want to see in the White House.

    If we want a built guy in Washington, I say we draft Jesse Ventura.

  15. I have to agree with that Body Wiz

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BodyWizard
    it's my sincere hope that such an amendment is NEVER passed.
    That is my hope as well. I don't care who they want to amend it for.

  17. tricky issue, look at baseball. it would be great if they could all educate the public to the truth, but the truth is NO one will understand. the ignorant masses just aren't ready for subjects like this. they would have had the hunger to learn about it in the first place otherwise.


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