North Texas High School Steroid Football Scandal

  1. North Texas High School Steroid Football Scandal

    Euless man held on steroid charges

    Police investigating whether he's linked to Heritage High scandal

    04:48 PM CST on Friday, March 4, 2005

    By GREGG JONES and GARY JACOBSON / The Dallas Morning News

    A 27-year-old Euless man was charged Thursday with illegal possession of anabolic steroids that police say he obtained by mail from Mexico, Tarrant County authorities said.

    Charles J. Hall of address removed faces felony charges of possessing six types of injectable and oral steroids with intent to distribute. The 385.2 grams of steroids had a street value of $14,500. He is being held in the Euless Jail pending arraignment this morning, authorities said.

    Authorities said they don't have any information linking Mr. Hall to an ongoing investigation of steroid use at Colleyville Heritage and other area high schools.

    "We're attempting to see if there is a link," said Herschel Tebay, commander of the Tarrant County Narcotics Unit. "We have no reason to believe that there is at this time."

    Colleyville Heritage athletes have identified an adult steroid dealer known as "Big Mike" as the supplier of their banned muscle-building drugs. The activities of "Big Mike" were described last month in Dallas Morning News articles about steroid use at the school.

    Mr. Hall's arrest was the result of a joint investigation involving the Tarrant County Narcotics Unit, Euless police, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and U.S. postal authorities. He is thought to have arranged the steroids purchase from a Mexican source over the Internet, Mr. Tebay said.

    "We have evidence that he had taken more than one delivery," Mr. Tebay said.

    Steroid arrests aren't as common as cases involving drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. Steroid cases are harder to develop and yield fewer felony convictions than other drug cases, authorities said.

    Mr. Hall was a weight lifter who worked out at a Euless area gym, he said.

    Mr. Hall was arrested Wednesday after authorities searched his apartment and recovered a package they said contained steroids. Authorities had been alerted about the shipment, Mr. Tebay said.

    Anabolic steroids are illegal to possess without a doctor's prescription. They are banned from athletic competitions because they enhance performance. They also cause potentially serious side effects, including depression, liver damage and high blood pressure.

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  2. what kind of time is this guy lookin at?

  3. Possession with intent to sell. More time than simple possession, and less time than getting caught in an actual sale or sting where you sold to and undercover law enforcment. I would guess he could get up to a year depending on his background. If this is a first offense more likley he'll serve a few months then probation.

    I have friend who was caught in a sting a few years ago and he served 4 months but he had to cut a deal for that by testifying against his main supplier.

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