Holy **** people ... who knew that steroids could do all this **** to you?

    Rod Stewart: Steroid 'addiction' shrank my manhood! - NY Daily News

    Claims his "steroid addiction" shrank his Johnson!!!

    Claimed he used them to help his voice while on long grueling tours.
    “One night, on stage in Sheffield, I thought I was in the kitchen with my mum because the steroids had eaten a hole in my stomach,” he told Mojo. “I was bleeding internally and hallucinating. What the audience must have thought?”
    WHOA!!! STOMACH EATING HALLUCINAGENIC STEROIDS! Was this some kind of mix of Superdrol, LSD, and Battery Acid???

    The ****! This guy is a clown!!

  2. WTF, lol
    This message was paid for by the Russians

  3. lol! I'm sure he 's talking about corticorsteroids,used to treat inflammation ,not anabolic steroids .

  4. he was refering to corticosteroids

    but still, that doesnt help the public image of anabolic steroids lol

  5. what's the British euphemism they censored?

  6. that's what I tell all the ladies, my cawk used to be huge but the steroids shrunk it down to this


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