Nearly 800,000 Bowflex machines recalled

  1. Nearly 800,000 Bowflex machines recalled

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The makers of the popular Bowflex fitness machine are recalling nearly 800,000 units after dozens of people reported injuries from mechanical problems, the government announced Tuesday.

    This marks the second large recall of Bowflex equipment this year. In January, the machine's manufacturer issued a voluntary recall of about 420,000 units after reports of similar mechanical problems.

    The latest recall affects 680,000 Bowflex Power Pro systems and 102,000 Bowflex Ultimate Fitness Machines, manufactured by The Nautilus Group, of Vancouver, Washington.

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the machine's seat can unexpectedly break on the Ultimate model and Power Pro with "Lat Tower." There were 46 reports of such incidents and two of those were serious injuries requiring stitches to the head.

    Another failure involves the machine's backboard bench unexpectedly collapsing when it is in the incline position on Power Pro models without the "Lat Tower." There were 42 reports of this failure and subsequent injuries to the back, neck and head, none of which were serious.

    The company issued its recall in January after reports of more than 70 injuries due to the backboard bench failure and problems with the "Lat Tower." That piece -- used to strengthen the upper body -- can weaken over time and collapse, injuring the user's back, head and shoulder.

    The recalled machines were sold at fitness stores and through infomercial and direct mail around the nation between 1995 and April of this year. The systems cost between $1,200 and $1,600, depending on the model.

    Consumers are advised to stop using the backboard bench in the incline position and contact the company to receive a free repair kit. Customers who participated in the recall in January and owners of the Ultimate systems will automatically receive a kit, the company said. Where owners names are known for all models, the company will contact them as well
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  2. I see they also had a recall on them last year.

    They advised people to STOP using them as a clothing rack

  3. That is some funny **** hahahahhahaa

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    .....the machine's seat can unexpectedly break on the Ultimate model and Power Pro with "Lat Tower."....injuries requiring stitches to the head......
    Why does Homer Simposon come to mind when I read this segment

  5. It turns into a human sligshot. I would sue the **** outa those guys if that happen to me. Actually never tried one but I would be pissed as ****.

  6. Memo to everyone, workout at a real gym or make your own gym in your house if need be. It would be embarassing to have Bowflex as cause of death in your death certificate.
  7. darius
    darius's Avatar

    the bowflex is stupid in itself.. you use these pressure rods and that messes with the flow of force against the muscles unlike free weights/other machines.

  8. Yes, Gravity. Aren't they like a couple grand? That's a lifetime membership at 24h. Still the most convenient and cost effective IMO. They're everywhere and open all the time. I would like to have a setup at home if I had the room. Although I wouldn't have the sauna or hottub or pool or Tyboyogaspin hahaha. And not to mention the women. My anual fee is $100 now. I hope I sell ads that do that well someday.
  9. darius
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    I just go to the YMCA. Works for me.

  10. I've always wondered how well these things work, and if you could really build a "bowflex body" on a bowflex machine, or if it would take a real gym...?

  11. I worked with a guy at sprint that had one and he was doing the weighted cable crunches. The bands snapped and the sudden change in weight, combined with his constant flexing of his abs, caused him to tear 3 of them. He's know on bed rest for 3 months and has kevlar wrapped around his muscles (or somthing, I don't remember exactly what, but they definately used kevlar). I've always said BowFlexes looked dangerous.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    I've always wondered how well these things work, and if you could really build a "bowflex body" on a bowflex machine, or if it would take a real gym...?
    I'm pretty confident none of the Bowflex models got their bodies that way by using bowflex...

    Just go to the gym...


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