More fuel for anti steroid crowd.

  1. More fuel for anti steroid crowd.

    Check out this article. "...apparently was under the influence of steroids and other drugs", ugh, ignorance...

    Couple badly injured after bodybuilder attack - Yahoo! News
    I believe most people are essentially good. I know that I am. It's you I'm not entirely sure of.
    ― Stephen King.

  2. Four sets of handcuffs?? Really? As if to imply they had 3 sets of handcuffs on him, he broke out of those like the incredible hulk, so then they put on 4 sets which finally worked.

  3. How do they know he is a bodybuilder. Does he diet, does he compete, does he follow some kind of bodybuilding lifestyle. It was probably just some stupid meathead and when they attach a word like bodybuilder it just gives us a bad name. Give me a freaking break he weighed 300 lbs @ 22 years of age who the hell were they arresting Jay Cutler? Cmon even if he is 300 lbs odds are he is either 6'6 or not a good looking 300lbs. And it took all that to restrain him and bring him in. All the while he's standing naked waiting for this couple to come home, sounds more like the influence of the "other drugs " not steroids. This is by far the best example of attack journalism if I've ever seen it.

  4. And i just realized the date on the last post

  5. more ignorance and scapegoating. awesome.

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