how to become a bodybuilder

  1. how to become a bodybuilder

    You have to eat like a bodybuilder

    The foods you take in need to be high in lean protein and complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, oatmeal, and fruit. This is what your body burns off when you exercise and also what help build your muscle mass. Your diet is 85% of your success. It must be followed strictly. If you do not stick the nutrition requirements you will be wasting your time.

    We spoke of nutrition earlier, this is the key to you reaching and maintaining your bodybuilding goal. The wrong food will do nothing at all for you. Some supplements can be good such as certain vitamins, like Vitamins C, D, E and Iron. Weightgainers and protein shakes will help you to give your body the right and enough amount of the essential building blocks for muscle.

    Small meals 5-6 times a day is the best way to eat as it will increase your metabolism. Consequently you will burn more amounts of fat. Eating often is important because after three or four hours without food your body will switch to a catabolic condition which is where you lose muscle and gain fat. The body thinks it is starving and will start to eat away at the lean muscle and that in turn makes the body accumulate calories as fat. If you really want to see results, you should eat four to six meals a day which is about every three hours

    Now that you know how many times to eat, you need to know how and what to eat. Each meal should consist of carbohydrates, protein and fat in the proper amounts. Eating a meal that is not balanced will not help you to achieve the results you want. You have to have enough of each component to keep up your metabolism and energy level. Plus the right foods aid you in building muscle mass.
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    You have to workout like a bodybuilder

    A bodybuilder has to work on strength and endurance with exercises such as leg lifts, squats, leg curls, lateral pull downs, deltoid exercises, rear laterals, chest presses, bench presses, dumbbell presses, and bicep curls arm curls, and calisthenics just to name a few. There are many exercises that you will need to do to reach all of the muscles of your body. You will need to do cardio training as well this help to build endurance, energy and shedding the fat!

    You have to force your muscles to grow by increasing the weights and reps you do during your work out. The amount of repetition for men and women is four to six repetitions for just about all exercises. This is especially true for your final, intense sets. This does not incorporate the warm-ups or acclimation sets, just your last sets.

    There is only one basis a muscle has for increasing lean muscle mass and becoming stronger and that is gradually bigger overload. You have to increasingly compel the muscle into enlarging and gaining strength. To boost overload, you need to raise resistance. For you to boost resistance, you need to add to the amount of weight, or reps, you are doing. Lower repetitions let you increase overload to a specific muscle immediately. This creates the stimulation of fresh muscle fibers that will be used to take on the extra stresses that will be put on your muscles.

    Low reps do not make a woman to gain bulk. Low reps do make for stronger and more toned muscles faster than higher reps. Light weights and more reps will essentially stop you from building the best possible gains. If you are able to do en repetitions of an exercise, the weight is not heavy enough to accomplish overload.

    How do you gage what the right weight is to use? Well look at it like this, if you are doing your reps and if you are able to do more than six reps on your last heavy sets, that the weight amount is too light; on the other hand if you have trouble and cannot do at least four reps than it is too much weight.

    The idea on the amount or reps breaks down like this; reps are 4 to 6 for all heavy sets. Warm ups and intermediates can be eight to ten reps. You have to get the muscle stimulated to benefit from weight training; you have to use lower reps to generate sufficient overload.

    You have to stay motivated

    As you can see there is a lot that goes into body building. It requires a strong will, and dedication. You must follow a strict workout routine and follow a strict diet in order to achieve the results you want to see. This will take time. You cannot start off doing several reps of heavy weights right away unless you want to injure yourself. Start off low weight and increase reps, once you reach the amount of ten reps increase the weight. You will do more than one set of reps one you get going. Two sets of ten reps and so on. the more u practice the more learn.

    If you intend to keep this muscle mass up it will be a lifelong routine, once you reach your desired goal, and then you can stay at your heavy level. Make sure to not overdue, you must work up to the amount of weights, reps, and sets that you do. You can seriously injure yourself if you do not.

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    hi, anup
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