Does Washington Owe Toyota an Apology?

  1. Does Washington Owe Toyota an Apology?

    The more I think about this whole Toyota thing U.S. Department of Transportation Releases Results from NHTSA-NASA Study of Unintended Acceleration in Toyota Vehicles | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the more pissed off I get - and I don't even own a Toyota. After a year of trashing the company's cars, the government is just saying, "oops, my bad" and shrugging their shoulders Toyota outrage turns to shrugs - This could have happened to any car company. I know they're big corporations, but WTF?

    I know I can't be the only person who feels this way Does Washington Owe Toyota an Apology? -, amirite?

  2. The Feds need to give Toyota back their punishment money try were forced to hand over.

  3. Something stinks, I only skimmed the linked pages, but IF there was no problems, WTF was the massive recall for then?

    Something was going on, I smell payoff, cover up, conspiracy or something.
    PHF Rep

  4. Maybe if they get their money back they can pay Tacoma owners back for time lost due to ****ty transmissions lol.

  5. It was all a conspiracy so that the domestic manufacturers could get back in the ball game. Notice how Chevy has been VERY aggressive with their ad campaigns since this whole fiasco? But I'm just talkin' out my azz. I don't even like Totyota's.

  6. Government buy outs. They now have a vested interest in the auto industry so why not knock the competition?

  7. Toyota knew something was going on with the accidental accelerations years go. There were grumblings about it in the car repair industry long before the mainstream press ever heard about it.

    If there was any govt conspiracy it was to blow open a story that was already existing and being squashed for years.


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