ok i just want to say if you already saw this then my bad, but i am just discussed at how PHs/AAS get a bad rep because people dont do their research before they start running cycles. Found this on youtube:

    YouTube - Coverage of Drug Supplement - Ch. 11 (Woods & Stevison).wmv

  2. the bulk of people who work out have no clue on stuff like this and they don't use common sense and discuss things with their doctors or research what they are taking.its sad the real hardcore bb community has to suffer because of guys like this.I wish cel the best and hope they come out of this lawsuit ok.same for tf as well.

  3. HOLY FOCK !!! Did u see the dudes eyeballz ........lol

    is no one here gonna play devils advocate ??? cmon hehee

  4. man some people are so stupid.i bet these guys were popping mdrol like candy.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by RepThat21 View Post
    man some people are so stupid.i bet these guys were popping mdrol like candy.
    they don't even look like they work out, so I can only assume they were using it in the worst way possible. 100mg a day suppository.

  6. Cleetus and billybob dumbd1ck couldn't spell 'gym', nevermind having been in one. Again the stupid minority ruin it for the sensible majority. Saying that though, there are more and more of these numbnuts on these boards everyday.

  7. Freaking morons taking M-Drol like it is candy without doing any research. Even on the website they bought it from it has the standard warning from CEL about taking supports supps and completing a proper PCT. Leave it to a bunch of idiots to ruin it for everyone else. There should be a freaking quiz you have to take to qualify to purchase these...
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).


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