Fake Lab Tests! & Proof that CEE exsist?

  1. Fake Lab Tests! & Proof that CEE exsist?

    Some pretty cool articles I cam across, though i'd share. Be sure to read up on some of clayton's other articles. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/south95.htm

  2. Just a quick random Question cause i really dont wanna start a whole new thread for this. But -

    Q.) After using creatine (CM Creapure) for about 2-3months, would it be a wise idea to take water pills after to drop all the unwanted water weight? Or will i also loose muscle mass and strength because the pills will possibly draw out that water in my muscles aswell?

  3. The Search engine is your friend....and CEE = on my kidneys.

  4. hahah idk about that

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