VPX attacks Purus Labs...?

  1. VPX attacks Purus Labs...?

    "Purus Labs is one of the biggest black market dealers of bogus steroids in America"

    Nutritional Supplement Science and News: Really VPX? Really?

    Jack Owocs Real White Paper - Muscle Marinade Madness

  2. Oh I know, douchebag of the year goes to : Jack Owoc !!!!

  3. What. The. ****.
    Just inject.

  4. What do you think guys about purus?

  5. That's pretty low VPX.

    on a side not I wish i had that injectable 1-test haha.

  6. The attacks began over a month ago. Some places have threads where business have post No Vpx product signs at the door over way this has been handled... This is like Gaspari going on about PH when they did the same thing few years ago.


  7. Well I never liked VPX, but WTF I will make sure I down them, and turn as many away from a crap/shady company like that as I find fit to...

    I mean Purus labs had a few complaints awhile back, but damn maintain your credibility here, VPX is now in the same league as MT to me.

  8. There are threads already about this. They are a hypocritical company and have lost my respect completely.

  9. I've never heard a negative word said about Brandon. I've used Purus Labs supplements extensively and have had many friends and clients use them as well. We have all had great results with their products. VPX is just upset because they aren't the only game in town now. But doing what they have done and are attempting to do is wrong on every level. I'm all for survival of the fittest in the free market, but when your attempt at survival is based on lies and manipulation, that shows your lack of character and integrity, and in my opinion makes you unfit to survive.

  10. what an A$$hole move. I think Purus is legit and they have a good rep on this board.

  11. Purus is beyond legit. I loved my cycle of E-Pol!!

  12. Glad I don't have a dog in this fight. Currently running Halovar and I am seeing fantastic gains. VPX has a product called Liquid Clenbutrx that is simply the best weight loss product I have ever taken. You just have to get past the ****ty taste.

  13. Im not really a fan of companies who sell roids next to their suppliments, but VPX can't exactly talk.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by kingdong View Post
    Im not really a fan of companies who sell roids next to their suppliments, but VPX can't exactly talk.
    It is the consumers job to be educated...simple fact.
  15. monkeymanz28
    monkeymanz28's Avatar

    vpx is the shadiest company in the industry period!! horrible people to deal with


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