China puts a stop to snake-bitten ****-in-a-pot

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  1. China puts a stop to snake-bitten ****-in-a-pot

    BEIJING (Reuters) Chinese health authorities are putting a stop to restaurants serving chickens which have been bitten to death by poisonous snakes and cooked up for a supposedly detoxing meal.
    The dish, served by a small number of eateries in the southern province of Guangdong and the southwestern city of Chongqing, has generated a storm of publicity and controversy in the Chinese media and amongst bloggers.
    A video showing a cook holding a snake and forcing it to bite a live chicken until it dies has been widely circulated online, (http:/ generating mainly angry comments.
    "It's disgusting and really cruel," wrote one poster on the popular portal
    "Not only is it cruel and blood-thirsty, but totally amoral," the Chongqing Business Daily cited a neighbor to one of the restaurants as saying.
    Health authorities in Guangdong have already told restaurants to stop serving "poisonous snake-bitten chicken" and now those in Chongqing have joined in.
    "Although nobody has been poisoned, this at the very least is an irregular way of slaughtering poultry," the business newspaper quoted a local health official as saying.
    One dish, prized among some in Guangdong, is monkey brains scooped from a live animal, which has regularly upset animal rights campaigners in the West.
    (Reporting by Ben Blanchard and Nick Macfie; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani)

  2. I saw the headline and just didn't know what to think

  3. Finally, those strange nightmares of mine will come to an end...
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  4. WTF. They eat monkey brains from a live money that had its head cracked open? I heard this before...damn, this almost makes them seem soulless...then again China is the spiritual black hole in this world...

  5. They've always had issues. Lead in toys...tainted'll never end IMO.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    WTF. They eat monkey brains from a live money that had its head cracked open? I heard this before...damn, this almost makes them seem soulless...then again China is the spiritual black hole in this world...

    I'd have to respectfully disgaree with you here. Just because something is different doesn't mean it's necessarily wrong. While it is very strange, I agree, it would surprise you to see some of the ways cattle are skinned and killed (in that order) in our very own USA.

    I have been to China many times and while I don't agree with their religion, i would never say they are aren't "spiritual." We could learn a lot from them.
  7. keeper
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    Those folks are creative... snakebitten chickens. Who'd have thought? For desert, they'd probably offer oral sex from an 11 y/old.

  8. ...and somewhere in China there's a chinese person reading a news story about american kids running into high-schools with assault rifles and gunning down their classmates, or an american man who's so fat he can't even get out of bed without a crane, and he thinks to himself... "Hmm, those crazy, soulless Americans. I bet they probably have oral sex with 11 y/olds."
  9. keeper
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  10. What is wrong with those people.... Jesus.

    Don't they also kill newborn baby girls in an attempt to control their population?

    Yeah Americans are so horrible compared to them.

  11. No, they have a one child law. Infanticide of female babies in rural areas isn't all that unusual and has resulted from the one child law. There have also been cases of the local govt forcing women to have abortions or forced steralization if they were poor and already had one child.

    And yes, they do look at news stories of kids opening fire in classrooms, the high murder and crime rate, and the obsession woth pornography in the west and think "what's wrong with those people." It's easy for anyone to pass judgement on a culture they know nothing about.

  12. the one child law has resulted in many, many cases of euthanasia being injected into the crowning head of an un-licensed newborn....population control is one thing....but this is a little over the top to me....

  13. It's no different than westerners looking at porn though.
  14. keeper
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    ^ ?????

  15. How do you inject euthanasia?

  16. The same way you pin test I reckon.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by roids1 View Post
    How do you inject euthanasia? bad

  18. Not defending it. But, how come when Dr. Tiller did it, it was okay? How come partial birth abortion was considered "just a medical procedure" by so many liberals? Liberals should be applauding that this stuff takes place in China since they're so gung ho about it here.

  19. Tibet, now chickens! We need to send every member of AM over there and give them the disciplining they deserve.

  20. Having a weekness for them asian womens myself, I must say that I saw a lot of broads that I'd like to give some discipline to over there.

  21. Abortion is abortion, you either support it or you dont(which I dont). You cant play American and play halfsies.

    Technically with the worlds looming overpopulation it is a sad thing. But I actually doubt China could handle each of its people having multiple kids. Its pretty much how America has reached a point where there are more people than jobs and such.

    Dont forget, in the modern world, when we outgrow our own country, we can no longer take some of someone elses.

    Think about it, at the current birth expansion, even with countries like China trying to slow it, they we are expected to have between 9-10 BILLION people on earh in 2050....

    Were screwed people. This planet Can NOT and will NOT support that kind of population.

    All products of our peace meal culture we have forced the world into. Imagine how hard it is to find work today, now try and believe the lies that it will get so? wen the pop increases so much fastr that the jobs possible could?

    And when unemployment ever reaches above 15% or nears 20%, anarchy will become unavoidable and life becomes a living hell. No matter your social status or income because everyone with money will be sought after to be killed, and every one who doesnt have many is in a constant process of starvation.

    Its pretty much we STFU about human rights today and start making sacrifices, or in the future we sacrifice humanity as a whole....

    Its already known we cannot EVER support the food produce requirements to support 9 billion. BTW this means ALL FOOD is Rationed. Therefore our love of bodybuilding, DIES. Just like he hopes and dreams of the human people then.

    And even worse its the people who bring forth bad fruit who do the mass breeding.

    You know studies on parasites and how they either live with the organism or destroy it. Well humanity has become more of the destroyer kind, and once earth is fried, were done. Considering there is no planet in our system that could support life, and that there is no way for us to likely ever travel outside our system, humanity will kill itself. By starvation. A Nuke war and fallout would be less painful.

    Point being, stop your cries about a country that although it seems bad, is doig the only damn thing possible to SAVE OUR SPECIES.

    Hell we need to force certain women here onto birth control. There have been afew cases where the courts have ordered women to have their tubes tied. And certain men as well.

    Consider how many kids are fatherless due to premarital sex. Its just one big cycle of humans a acting like animals and in as much spreading like animals. Usually the people who dont need to on top of that.

    If you are going to work and support 3 kids, and educate them, put htem in school, yes!

    If you are going to lay on your back, and shoot em out for governmental aid, you should be removed form this country.

    Honestly if we dont break a few tears out now, there are going to be many more to come.

    Think about the future you are giving to your kids. Seriously. The next 2 generations, will be the ones to suffer more than likely all the others combined. How near sighted are people.

    Nothing in this world has ever been gained without sacrifice.

    The death/birth ratio is either going to balance out, or wipe us out....

  22. Guess what else happens at that point, TRT is gone, Health care is gone, Education is gone, human rights is gone, equality is gone, democracy is gone, it becomes a frantic brawl/scuffle for survival where it is whoever is willing ot kill the most people will be on top. And dont think the governments of the world wont use the army's of the world to massacre anyone who gets in the way.

    Knowing them they may even decide to purge it and fix the population.

  23. In a communist regime, which they are, the people suffer. The definition of communism is basically that. You will do what's best for the whole, regardless of your personal sacrifice(s). They invaded Tibet in the 1950's with The Dalai Lama going into exile in 1959. Whether the Chinese overtook Tibet for it's natural resources or not isn't a palpable excuse. Their own communist government put themselves in that position to have to steal, rob, pillage, and murder. I agree with controlling your population #'s when and where you can, but China is brutal, no two ways about it. I believe mass illness will handle our population problems in the future. We'll see I guess.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Andy G View Post
    I believe mass illness will handle our population problems in the future. We'll see I guess.
    no, it won't. Just like our current obesity crisis is caused by people's own actions in eating like slobs, somehow its become the taxpayer's responsibility to pay for their healthcare? It will only get worse going forwards. And here is something that would strike dead hundreds of thousands if the drug companies weren't working so heard on different cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes related drugs.

  25. I'm talkin about a virus', black plague type stuff. The tighter we get on this planet, the easier it is to spread infectious disease, the worse our sewers and sanitation gets, the odds of something like that happening go up exponentially as the population increases.


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