Loaded guns allowed in national parks under bill

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  1. Latest TIME magazine projects largest growth sectors. Two of them, really....Retail (read: nothing produced) and Healthcare (read: massive government expansion anticipated, again nothing produced).

    We're screwed.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by CDB View Post
    Cap and trade is necessary because it doesn't work and gives some corportations extreme profit potential. Hence, it's perfect for government. The idea itself is blatantly moronic, the built in incentive is to expand the base of carbon permits until the whole market collapses which is indeed what happens when it's tried. It's the prisoner's dilema. It's what should be expected after generations of economic enstupidation in the schools.
    So how do you supoose we can change that?

  3. Stop letting the hippies control education?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MoTiV View Post
    So how do you supoose we can change that?
    The enstupidation of the schools with regard to economics and in general? Privatize them.

    The problems with cap and trade? They can't be solved. Markets can't be 'created' by the government, and the problems inherrent to any such play market are systemic and unavoidable. There is no actual technical unit for CO2 emissions to be traded at, like the mint the government controls the 'supply' and can artificially up it at will, and it will do so to maintain an edge over competing country's industries. It's called The Prisoner's Dilema. Look it up. It's a game that only works if everyone plays by the same rules, and the incentive is to do the extact opposite of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Stop letting the hippies control education?
    While I love blaming **** on hippies generally that doesn't describe the current trends in economics and the problems therein. More like Stop letting the mathameticians control the economics departments, because the one has nothing to do with the other. Universities churn out ****loads of competent to brilliant builders of mathematical models from their economics departments and few if any actual economists. Once their BA is done it's modeling almost solely that's concentrated on with little to no economic analysis done ever again. And what economics students are taught basically amounts to keynesianism with a monetarist tilt or critique. Which is why you basically hear nothing but calls for more spending and more debt now in our current crisis. These kids have never heard a competing theory much less evalutated it. Christ, even most of the teachers haven't, which is why their critiques of the Austrian Cycle which are now emerging on a regular basis are hilarious to read. They're so off point that it's obvious the people either don't get the theory or are leveling their critique at a caricature of the thing.

  5. Guns are american as apple pie and I like them. If you against guns your unamerican

  6. i was at caladesi island this weekend (voted #1 national park beach multiple times) and there are signs all over the island "watch out for rattlesnakes". I can understand for sure carrying a gun in many state parks.

  7. Yes and some Snakes walk on 2 legs guns are not a right so a person can go hunting. They are a constitutional right to protect the rights given to us by God in the form of our constitution. In essence GUNS are the Teeth of the constution and the last vanguard to freedom should some group try to take are constitutional rights. If anyone doubts the founding fathers intent they can go back and read their comments when speaking of the constitution.

    I understand what you are saying easy , I think you mean you might have to shoot a snake for protection and thats all well and good but I am saying guns go much further than just self protection in fact the founding fathers debated making them the first amendment because in there minds guns are just as important as free speech.

  8. well said samva, 2nd amendment was to be a deterrent to tyranny. it still absolutely applies.


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