Loaded guns allowed in national parks under bill

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by MoTiV View Post
    Well as you so eloquently stated the public doesn't care, doesn't take the time to care, is too ignorant, and/or doesn't have the time to care.
    My second post. Miss the first one, did you?

    The point of your post was to show that no matter what gov't is inefficient and thats not going to change. That's fine. My point was there are ways to make it more efficient part of it is making it more transparent. Obviously, there are other ways to make it more efficient, we haven't always been a nation in debt (1 example).
    No nation ever started as a nation of debt. However all nations have moved toward being nations of debt. All governments go through three stages. First they seize the mint. Then they seize the authority to produce money substitutes. Then they suspend specie redemption, usually at the same time as centralizing all reserves in a central banking system of some kind. In so doing they gain control of the money supply and gain the ability to monetize debt. All governments do this because it is in their interest to bring more debt onto the country's back, either directly or through monetization. How do you propose to reverse that trend? The only way it has ever happened in history is through bloody revolution or by competing states with an interest in curbing inflationary policy having/gaining authority over others, such as when British Parliment still controlled the colonies and outlawed paper money issues.

    Hans Herman Hoppe has done a lot of work documenting this trend in all nations throughout history. It is a move from sound money, which is in the population's interest, to unsound money, which is in the state's interest. How do you propose to change this trend which has dominated nations and history since the discovery of paper and its use as a money substitute?

    Now since it's already established that gov't is inefficient how can a society minimize the damage caused by the inefficiency.
    Only one way: limit the scope and power of the government. Period.

    Surely if we can make advances in other fields we can surely make changes in the political field.
    Why? Politics is not physics. Nor is it possible to remove politics from politics. There is nothing the state does that is substantively different than any other band of organized criminals. That is in fact what the state is and a perfect analogy for how it functions; a mafia family running a protection racket of which some people want in and others merely tolerate for lack of other options. How is it supposed to be run better? You talk of reforms, what reforms? For once I want someone who is in favor of the state to explain to me how in fact they intend to make it work like it's 'supposed' to for any length of time before it degenerates into what we have now, a group of slippery, slithering snake ****ers who intend to line their own pockets and those of their campaign contributors for as long as possible, period. How do you plan to change it? What functions would you allow it? What laws would you pass? Other than outright shrinking the damn thing, explain to me how you intend to actually control it?

    To say there won't be enough people to care about transparency so don't waste the time to do it isn't going to help this country in any way. If it's public apathy towards gov't that's the problem then surely there are ways to change that.
    That's a vast simplification of what I said, you're quite purposefully I believe, ignoring the portion where I also point out that it is in no one's interest within the state to give transparency. How then do you propose to get a substantial portion of the population many of whom draw their power and paychecks from the state's assumed authority to take or endure any action to limit that authority? You're asking them to kill their goose when it's no where near done laying golden eggs for them.

    Good luck.

    Blind, wide eyed optimism about what the state is and can actually do are just as useless as apathy. Apathy at least is informed. It's the naive person who thinks the state can actually do good if it just has the right people in charge or the right laws in place or the right regulatory bodies appointed who enables the state's endless growth and failure. Rather, accept the fact that a worm cannot be a bird, a rock cannot be cotton ball. Some things have a nature to them that is unchangable. It is better to accept that before you break your heart trying to train your dog to be an accountant and find out he's hoarding the kibble and took a **** on the calculator.

  2. I find it odd that all of a sudden I can't access this website nor nutraplanet from my home computer. Pretty weird. Now I'm all paranoid. Anyway I guess I'll respond later, if the powers that be let me.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by CDB View Post
    Meanwhile the government employs what, well more than 10% of the workforce now? The collective incentive to maintain those paychecks alone is enough to out balance the efforts of civic minded people to actually change anything about the way things are run. There real clash in any society is between tax payers and tax consumers, and the latter group has the power right now because the former is too numb or dumb to care.
    I believe its closer to 18%, total government taxation is over 20% of GDP now

  4. this is the brand new obama admin transparency. looks alot like the same old $hit to me, with a good solid media that adds a spoon of sugar. oops, sugar is on the about to be taxed list too now. did you guys see the speed reader that read the new cap & trade bill so they could say it got read? people should be angry as hell. hard to believe folks will allow a breathing tax...

  5. Cap and trade is necessary because it doesn't work and gives some corportations extreme profit potential. Hence, it's perfect for government. The idea itself is blatantly moronic, the built in incentive is to expand the base of carbon permits until the whole market collapses which is indeed what happens when it's tried. It's the prisoner's dilema. It's what should be expected after generations of economic enstupidation in the schools.

  6. Latest TIME magazine projects largest growth sectors. Two of them, really....Retail (read: nothing produced) and Healthcare (read: massive government expansion anticipated, again nothing produced).

    We're screwed.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by CDB View Post
    Cap and trade is necessary because it doesn't work and gives some corportations extreme profit potential. Hence, it's perfect for government. The idea itself is blatantly moronic, the built in incentive is to expand the base of carbon permits until the whole market collapses which is indeed what happens when it's tried. It's the prisoner's dilema. It's what should be expected after generations of economic enstupidation in the schools.
    So how do you supoose we can change that?

  8. Stop letting the hippies control education?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MoTiV View Post
    So how do you supoose we can change that?
    The enstupidation of the schools with regard to economics and in general? Privatize them.

    The problems with cap and trade? They can't be solved. Markets can't be 'created' by the government, and the problems inherrent to any such play market are systemic and unavoidable. There is no actual technical unit for CO2 emissions to be traded at, like the mint the government controls the 'supply' and can artificially up it at will, and it will do so to maintain an edge over competing country's industries. It's called The Prisoner's Dilema. Look it up. It's a game that only works if everyone plays by the same rules, and the incentive is to do the extact opposite of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Stop letting the hippies control education?
    While I love blaming **** on hippies generally that doesn't describe the current trends in economics and the problems therein. More like Stop letting the mathameticians control the economics departments, because the one has nothing to do with the other. Universities churn out ****loads of competent to brilliant builders of mathematical models from their economics departments and few if any actual economists. Once their BA is done it's modeling almost solely that's concentrated on with little to no economic analysis done ever again. And what economics students are taught basically amounts to keynesianism with a monetarist tilt or critique. Which is why you basically hear nothing but calls for more spending and more debt now in our current crisis. These kids have never heard a competing theory much less evalutated it. Christ, even most of the teachers haven't, which is why their critiques of the Austrian Cycle which are now emerging on a regular basis are hilarious to read. They're so off point that it's obvious the people either don't get the theory or are leveling their critique at a caricature of the thing.

  10. Guns are american as apple pie and I like them. If you against guns your unamerican

  11. i was at caladesi island this weekend (voted #1 national park beach multiple times) and there are signs all over the island "watch out for rattlesnakes". I can understand for sure carrying a gun in many state parks.

  12. Yes and some Snakes walk on 2 legs guns are not a right so a person can go hunting. They are a constitutional right to protect the rights given to us by God in the form of our constitution. In essence GUNS are the Teeth of the constution and the last vanguard to freedom should some group try to take are constitutional rights. If anyone doubts the founding fathers intent they can go back and read their comments when speaking of the constitution.

    I understand what you are saying easy , I think you mean you might have to shoot a snake for protection and thats all well and good but I am saying guns go much further than just self protection in fact the founding fathers debated making them the first amendment because in there minds guns are just as important as free speech.

  13. well said samva, 2nd amendment was to be a deterrent to tyranny. it still absolutely applies.


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