Zombie Company

  1. Zombie Company

    Today's urban word of the day is Zombie Company, quite a nice definition

    1. A technically bankrupt company that is kept alive with large infusions of government money for the sake of "stability" in the U.S. financial system.
    2. A large financial company with negative net worth that continues to operate, despite having no clear path to solvency.
    3. The UnDead of Wall Street.

    "AIG is the premier example of a zombie company -- kept alive only by $120 billion in federal bailout money. Apparently, it's considered too large to fail."

  2. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Today's urban word of the day is Zombie Company, quite a nice definition
    this pisses me off. These big companies need to crumble, so new batters can step up to the plate.

  3. pathetic...what a waste of our money

  4. They had their shot and the f u c k e d up!

    Small busniess go down EVERYDAY and they get no bailout. The larger companies are no better than the smaller ones, or vice versa!

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