Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

  1. Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

    A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife", after he was caught having sex with the animal.

    BBC NEWS | Africa | Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat
    I'm sure the "bells" will ring on their honey moon.

    I can already see communication problems.

    This is a case where drinking your wife's milk everyday is normal.

    And "eating her" has a whole different meaning....

  2. That's awful but fair. Poor goat had no chance.

  3. If I married Stevie Nicks, would that be classed as marrying a goat?

  4. That is some creep! :P yeah, I think he deserved that.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    That is some creep! :P yeah, I think he deserved that.
    I wonder who wears the pants in that family?



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