US jury acquits US ex-marine!!

  1. US jury acquits US ex-marine!!

    In a landmark trial, a US federal jury has cleared a former marine sergeant of the deaths of Iraqi detainees.

    The trial of Jose Luis Nazario is the first time a civilian jury has decided on the alleged crimes of a former US soldier while he was on active duty.


    "they could not convict Mr Nazario for an alleged crime in which there were no bodies, no identities for the alleged victims and no forensic evidence."

    BBC NEWS | Americas | US jury acquits US ex-marine

    A finger for victory

    And a finger for the prosecutors

  2. Justice Is Served! Semper Fi

  3. Good deal!

  4. Good, this was a travesty........

    But if you caught this part........

    ....the prosecution's case fell apart when two marines refused to testify. Marines Jermaine Nelson and Ryan Weemer were found in contempt of court.

    then from another website:

    Nelson and Weemer are both charged with unpremeditated murder and dereliction of duty and face military trials at Camp Pendleton, California. Both maintain their innocence. They also face contempt charges in federal court.

    This still sucks.
    PHF Rep

  5. I'm actually very pleased with the outcome of this on the civilian side. I am not so optimistic about the military aspect of this that remains ongoing.



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