Just made a pan of protein bars for tomorrow

  1. Just made a pan of protein bars for tomorrow

    with power butter!! and willl be eating hte pan after my 36 hour fast.

  2. yea its hard to eat just one

  3. That's certainly a way to up the protein content of those bars! good choice with the power butter that stuff is so awesome

  4. power butters a great addition to the bars.....i also like adding in a scoop or so of isolation for some pure isolate with not much calorie or added carbs
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  5. What is the reason for a 3 day fast?
    doing my own thang!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mich29
    yea its hard to eat just one
    Specially after a 36hr fast.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  7. I wanna see a video of you crushing the whole pan

  8. Tear that **** up bruh


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