1. Gear

    I am considering ordering Gear, but just want to how effective it reallly is.

    I currently use a lot of NTBM/Mr. Supps products, and Gear is one I have not tried, but I am most interested in. Why should I buy it, I guess is what I am asking.

  2. Gear is definitely a great product. I typically use it on a cut. When calories are low and I need to get some protein/aminos in between meals. Pre and post W/o as well.

    It's a very versatile product.

  3. So if I read it right, it takes the protein you do take in, and basically multiplies it 10x over, or something to that effect, so that it is like you getting more protein than you are actually eating?

  4. The bovine plasma is where the power is it at IMO

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