Awesome Cost-Effective Cycle

  1. Awesome Cost-Effective Cycle

    Whats up everyone. I just wanted to share this with you new guys. I know times are tough and the economy is in the crapper and some of us might be hurting for dough and on a budget. SO I put together a simple stack that I think you guys would enjoy, espcially the new beginners. Here are the three products I would suggest:

    1) N2BM DAA Powder, Natty cost effective test booster that has been shown to raise Testosterone by as much as 42 percent in 12 days, and yet costs less then 25 bux shipped to your house.

    DAA Link: http://**********************/store/T...-acid-p99.html

    2) N2BM creatine 1000 Monohydrate Powder. creatine Monohydrate is a phenominal product esp for beginners. I remember teh very first time I used creatine Monohydrate back when EAS and Bill Phillips released it with the assistance of MRI. I think I put on 15 to 20 pounds alone with just this product. creatine Monohydrate is a must have for new beginners looking to bulk up and gain some size.

    Creatine Link: http://**********************/store/C...lavor-p33.html

    3) ZERO LOSS! pre-workout Fruit Punch, available at MrSupps for $19.99. Looks like a solid product to provide you with that much needed energy and endurance to kick some A during your workouts. I will attach the links below for you and if you have any questions about these please feel free to PM me..SJ

    Zero Loss Link:

    All three of these products are solid and if you can afford them all then great, if not, try them one by one, they all serve a good purpose. If you want to know which one first, I would choose the Creatine..

    Just make sure you are eating healthy, and eating enough, sleeping well, and of course training correctly. Once you have this down, then you can think of moving forward and adding some supps. Good luck and again, feel free to contact me..SJ

  2. Good beginner staple stack SJ
    RecoverBro ELITE

  3. Crazy cheap and awesome combo

  4. Looks great!

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