Free one-time 25 percent off coupon for N2BM new members

  1. Free one-time 25 percent off coupon for N2BM new members

    Whats up everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Ok, so behind the scenes, DjTree, Hurricane, and myself have come up with another way to give back to the N2BM community. A big thank you goes out to DJTREE as he started this!! Also without saying this could not be done without Nate so thank you to him as well.

    Any new member that joins the NeedtoBuildMuscle home forums after Feb 1, 2012, and reaches 50 respectable posts, can contact me there and I will provide them with a one-time 25 percent off coupon from the NeedtoBuildMuscle Store that they can use on their favorite supplements.

    Now, I will be checking the new members posts to make sure they are quality posts, and not just, "thank you" or "ok" etc etc, basically just making short quick posts so he or she can get to 50. I am NOT going to be super strict, but at the same time I am going to confirm that the posts are meaningful and of good quality.

    So, get the word out guys, bring as many new members to the N2BM Forums as you can and let them know they will get 25 percent off..

    Thank you all and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me..

    BTW, I dont want the N2BM veteran members to think that only the new members are the only ones being taken care of. As we know, needto takes care of all of us and has done so for all of us at least one way or another in the past, so we have already made out. This is a chance to get some new members at N2BM and to get that board rolling.

    I appreciate what everyone does on the N2BM Forums.


  2. cool,def ready to meet the new guys

  3. bump for a great promo
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  5. Such an awesome deal! All you have to do is go to another forum and talk even more about working out and supplements. In on this baby :-)

  6. Darn I'm already a member

  7. Yah, that was great news when I heard Needto upped the sale to 30 percent off. He really takes care of his members and customers..SJ

  8. 30% off is even sweeter!! Nice!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by RickRock13
    30% off is even sweeter!! Nice!
    Yea. Makes me want to make another user account and get 30% off lol.
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  10. Shipping was so fast. Ordered on Sat. night, got today in the mail. Was impressed!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Yea. Makes me want to make another user account and get 30% off lol.

  12. BUMP!!!!!!!!!
    doing my own thang!

  13. Great oppurtunity to get a nice amount of savings at NTBM and join a great online community at the same time!
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    "This is what we've been working on"


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