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    Why no more epistrong? Has it been banned?

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    Why no more epistrong? Has it been banned?

    It is not banned, just discontinued. It was discontinued quite a while back, but we had a limited edition run of it not too long ago. Unfortunately all those are now out of stock.
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  3. Really wish I would have grabbed some on the bogo now its hoping for trades on the auction forum here lol
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  4. There's site that make epi & it's on a presage cheaper price.
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  5. I still have some

  6. i wish i had more epi strong, but i still got one nice bottle before it's all gone
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  7. You can always check out the N2BM Forums classifieds as well, sometimes you will find epi selling over there, as well as Beast, Katana, etc..SJ


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