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  1. I've never had one break on me either. I have 2 of these ntbm ones, and they have been in gym bags getting thrown around since the day I got them and mine are good to go. That's really odd yours broke like that just from knocking it off your bed.

  2. I broke a shaker one time, but I dropped it from 5 ft up onto the pavement when leaving the gym. These things are very durable so its takes quite a bit
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  3. got mine in the mail, the size is awesome, i also love that its blender bottle, i must have missed that and figured it was normal bottle but it fits in my lunchbox perfectly, no more turning and twisting my food and bottle around to fit everything

  4. Got one of these bottles on the way myself. It will be perfect for my Isolation protein and N2Carb mix..SJ

  5. I also never break my N2BM shaker cups.. I am very careful in this cup!! I just placed it in a safety places that can never be fall. (that's for sure)!



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