Guys has anyone tried this Unleashed Double pack?
We all know many of them don't live up to claims!

We all know one thing that has been proven to increase testosterone is an external source of it; in other words, androgens. Of course, any external source will leave you suppressed. You have to take the good with the bad. Except in one case, Unleashed works like no other supplement on the market by increasing testosterone without suppression.

What the makers of Unleashed did was take a completely different approach. You see, most of the testosterone in your body is in a bound state. In other words, it isnít active. Thatís because of something called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). It essentially keeps testosterone from exerting its effects. The remaining active testosterone is known as free testosterone. It is the free testosterone that matters. Everything else remains inert.

So instead of trying to raise MORE testosterone, we decided on a combination of ingredients that would lower SHBG, which in turn allows MORE of your own natural testosterone to become free. Thatís exactly what Unleashed does.

It makes the most of your own available testosterone!

Even if youíre a natural athlete, Unleashed can noticeably increase your strength, focus and libido. If you choose to use androgens, Unleashed will make the most of it by allowing more testosterone to become active. Once itís time for PCT, Unleashed will raise free testosterone so that you can avoid the crash that comes from being suppressed. Remember, Unleashed is 100% non suppressive! Itís non hormonal and will not convert to estrogen.

Thereís one other nice side effect to Unleashed and it proves that it works - morning wood! Try Unleashed for 3 days and look out for that BIG surprise! Just to go one step further, we encourage people to take before and after blood tests. Blood tests donít lie and those using Unleashed have shown a consistent increase in free testosterone.