Yummy Power Butter!!!!

  1. Yummy Power Butter!!!!

    PB2 is peanut butter in a powder form that some people, including myself, mix in their protein shakes. Its comes in peanut butter flavor (obviousness) but they also have it in chocolate. Yummy... love love love it!!

  2. When did chocolate happen??

  3. I eat lots it out of the jar with a spoon. Need 12-14oz water to get 4 spoon full's down

  4. Not sure what N2 has to do with this though.

  5. Yah this stuff tastes great. I put a tablespoon or so in everyone of my protein shakes. I take so many supps and forget that I actually do this and have this. I dont even think about it becuase its become so routine..


  6. love the stuff too! had some yesterday SMEARED on some chocolate chip cookies! :-P
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Blergs View Post
    love the stuff too! had some yesterday SMEARED on some chocolate chip cookies! :-P
    that's great!! Yummy...

  8. This stuff is awesome used in the better bars recipes for some extra protein


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