1. HCGenerate

    Someone want to explain what exactly is in HCGenerate?

    Looks like fadogia, 50% fenuside extract and 3,4 divanyl..

    If i'm reading it correctly it's basically a combination of some of the other popular test boosters out there?

  2. well yeah it is similar but if you look at each ingredient a few are the common T boosting herbs and plants but than theres the fadogia, where the only other product that has it that i know of is NTBM bridge. Tribulus is no secret, fenugreek too but the combination of each one makes it what it is.

    If you really look at other t boosters out there you wont find one close to HCGen, well maybe forged post cycle but thats about it. Most use their propretery blend.

  3. a double does of Bridge 2 caps 3 times a day is almost the same as hcgenerate for on cycle. That is what I have heard most people say!!

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