Pink Magic better then Helladrol

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  1. Thanks OP was having a lousy day with a crappy headache and crappy workout, this thread made me LMAO. It's the highlight of my day sofar.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by F1redUp View Post
    GJohnson7385 Pink Magic better then Helladrol

    Yes, these were the exact words the guy at GNC told me....He then tried to refer it as a Prohormone before I told him it was a testbooster which he says is better for gaining.....I wanted to smack him in the face, friggin idiot...Also to add to it, he tried promoting a $110 dollar hormone called P6 or something like it was the best thing on the planet. At $110 bucks it better workout for me.

    Soo, after all that you still bought the $110.00 magic pills?
    Hell no, I actually didnt even end up buying anything, not even the pill holder I wanted...I think the guy got to pissed off at me cause I wasnt buying any of the crap he tried selling me, when I went to ring up the pill holders he said they were $6 something a piece and I should goto rit aid to buy them, obviously he must make no commission on pill holders cause they are only a dollar each.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mmacrazy View Post
    The GNC near me has some old really overweight terribly unhealthy looking lady working there. I mean if you're gonna push your vitamins as the best in the world at least make the effort to look like you might take them.
    Every so often though they do have good deals ( jack3d for 26 bucks , oep for 40 ). I guess that's the downside of a commission based business.
    5 pounds of pro complex for 100 bucks is ridiculous !
    The Discount Supplements Direct by me has OEP for around 34 bucks, not even on sale.......I didnt see the 100 bucks for pro complex, that is crazy, I get it for 54 at DSD if I remember correctly.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by NADDANME View Post
    Thanks OP was having a lousy day with a crappy headache and crappy workout, this thread made me LMAO. It's the highlight of my day sofar.
    NP Man, I knew everyone would get a kick out of this.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    On top of this I think the only time real lifters go to GNC is when stuck in a mall and they walk buy it and go in just to "browse".

    Admit it GJ that is why you were in one isn't it?
    Damn man, u caught me, I just cant resist the gold card savings...

  6. i just go there to check out the clearence rack(expiring stuff)


  7. For as much **** as they get I havent seen anywhere I could get 5lbs of whey isolate for 35 bucks. I got 2, 5lb tubs of Optimum Nutrition 100 whey for 70. Good deal to me.

    Funnier than all the people pushing stuff though was once I was trying to get a pre workout and some fish oil so I show up to the GNC and its closed. Im like wtf! I look at the hours and it says it was supposed to open 15 minutes earlier. I walk back get in my car and start to make a call. 5minutes later this hug black lady waddles up and unlocks the door. I go in and shes immediately irritated at me cause she has to go in the back and do paper work. I get my oil and Im standing there lookin at the PWO's( its like 2007 so the choices arent great haha) I asked a few questions to which she just shook her head at all of them. I finally just laughed in her face before leaving.

  8. lol, that's why he works at GNC.


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