I'm curious, who wants to easily earn/win $50 in cash to buy supplements in a contest

  1. Exclamation I'm curious, who wants to easily earn/win $50 in cash to buy supplements in a contest

    NEW CONTEST FOR ANYONE/EVERYONE TO EASILY WIN $50 CASH at the Need to Build Muscle Store!


    The rules and details are quickly spelled out in that thread, it is basically a contest created where you take pictures while you train with a bottle of your favorite NTBM supplement in the background or making a cameo appearance!

    GOOD LUCK Everyone, and the more pictures, the more chances - EVER PICTURE = AN ENTRY!

    (all entries must be made in that thread, on that forum)

  2. Come on everyone, just click the link and enter your picture(s) to WIN BIG! I'll email you the $50 Gift Card Code INSTANTLY on the ending date of the contest (December 20th).

    Just snap something simple, fun, and cool with your cell phone while training and upload it right to the forum if you have a smart phone by 'managing attachments!' It will take maybe 10 seconds each time, and you can do it EVERY TIME YOU TRAIN to increase your chances.

    Here... http://needtobuildmuscle.net/forum/f...here-8554.html

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