How do i ship to apo AE

  1. How do i ship to apo AE

    I am in afghanistan how do i ship to APO AE addresses on MR Supps website anyone know?

  2. IDK but if U dont get an answer here U can go to **********************/forum & ask there. U can PM NEEDTOBUILDMUSCLE here also. He can answer UR question, if no1 here knows.

  3. Give me a call at my help desk my friend.

    1 978 378 4266
    Nathan chase

    I will then call the owner of and work something out for you my friend... Most of the time all you have to do is put the apo address in the notes to shipper.
    I will get you on the phone with them and make sure..

    If I have to have your sups shipped to me and then I will ship to you I will man.. I will do anything it takes to take care of you and anyone else.

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