How long does forma take to 'soak in'

  1. How long does forma take to 'soak in'

    Well, I wokeup and put my forma on as usual.. And about an hour later, without even thinking, I took a shower. Did I wash it off, or does it soak through the skin pretty quickly?

  2. What you should do is shower, then apply the forma my friend.

    For me though it dries in a minute or less, so i assume it's mostly absorbed after it dries

  3. it dries instantly. dead serious.

  4. If it has a good carrier, then the formastane should have been fully absorbed..

  5. Yes, it does dry almost instantly. If it really is absorbed when it dries, why is the skin to skin contact such a big deal?

  6. 100% of the product is never going to be absorbed entirely, there is still residue left on the application site. Although the carrier they use is the best out there imo there is still a chance of some rubbing off with skin to skin contact. It's certainly going to be minimal at best, but it is wise to avoid the contact altogether.

  7. Forma-Stanzol is definetely the fastest drying td formastane I have ever used.


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