Product X

  1. Product X

    Any word on the releasse date yet? The logger who is tesing this seems to be loving it, cant wait to see what you guys put together.

    Your other products look great, I will be picking up a few next week.

  2. I am amped for its release as well.

    Come on Need2!!

  3. Guess we are not getting any hints on this, maybe its to far out but some info would be great.

  4. In due time, in due time.

    I just follow the logs on here and needtobuildmuscle.


  5. looking forward to seeing some more logs once this one gets out there!

  6. I would rather we respect this forum and not talk about this product to much until the company who sells it is a sponsor. I will be selling it through a few different sites however the name going on the bottle as the maker of the product is not yet a sponsor. I am doing every damn thing i can to respect this forum and all the sponsors of this forum as well.

    NTBM is a great company. All the companies I own or run are. IMO we have the best supplements to ever come to the industry. And IMO the best customer service ever known to man kind.

    The product x is bulbine my friends. Yes 100% pure as Alaskan snow bulbine natalensis. We have a standardized extract and a exclusive contract with the only company who has a tested and pure standardized extract. This extract that everyone has been reading about all over the net. The company has sent out samples to many people and even a few big names in different sports and they have all got full panel blood test before and after use.

    We have it first. We have the bulbine natalensis everyone has been reading about and we have a product coming with this and other ingredients. So there you have it Needtobuildmuscle and company have a industry first. People are going to love this compound!!!!

    And that is all

  7. Bring it! I cant wait to run it.


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