Do I Have Potential?

  1. Do I Have Potential?

    I have been really questioning whether or not I should continue striving for a life in this sport, do I have the potential to be successful? These are after about nine months of training with bodybuilding in mind (around two years of semi-serious powerlifitng/ football training prior to this, with only the last nine months having bodybuilding in mind). At the moment I am completely natural.

    18 years old, 6'0", 177lbs
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  2. If you enjoy doing it, that's what counts, and that's what'll keep you interested and dedicated. How you define "successful" is the real question here. If you consider successful as enjoying training and the lifestyle, building a solid and healthy physique (or even just as big and lean of a physique as possible, natural or otherwise), etc, than yeah, you can certainly be successful. But if your definition of success is earning a living off the sport, or being one of the best in the world, that's very difficult to say, and, honestly, it's statistically unlikely.
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  3. Well you look quite perfect when it comes to overall physique meaning you're working out each body part good. I can definitely see some development considering youre 18. Will you look like Arnold natural? Of course not but thats probably not your goal either. Muscles takes time and more time then we first realize

  4. It is hard to tell, maybe is the answer lol

    Work hard, the only real advice I can give is don't over do it and make sure you train smart, look after your shoulders/rotator cuffs and build a strong core. I was super lean and muscly at 18 and over did it at the gym and neglected the small muscles, now at 26 i am falling apart, it is so bad.

  5. There's a big difference between striving for a "life in the sport" and being physically fit and healthy. At 18 y/o it looks like you've made some good progress and began building a physique, but it takes a lot of time.

    I think it's a great goal to work toward your dream physique and work each day to bring you closer to that goal. This mindset will set you apart from all of your peers, especially at 18. I think that aiming to make bodybuilding your life is a bit extreme. Most professional bodybuilders and even those that are wildly successful do not make a comfortable living from competing alone.

    My advice would be to keep pushing yourself and working hard in the gym, but also continue to pursue your studies and work toward developing a professional career in another field. Most forum members and even pros lift and eat right because they love it, not because they want it to consume their entire life. Balance is key
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  6. The great thing about working on yourself is that EVERYONE has potential. If you love doing it, keep doing it and results will follow with time and consistency. What potential you have is unknown, but I believe everyone without a specific limiting disability can have an impressive physique with work and time. And the only way to find out is to keep going! Good luck on your journey.

  7. EVERYONE has potential, easy answer

    Work hard!

  8. i think its very brave of you to put yourself up for criticism from such a large audience especially since youve posted pics of yourself.

    work hard , believe in yourself and dont compare yourself to others .Compare yourself against yourself , say at 6 monthly intervals , to note any improvents that have been made.Good luck


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